Monday, December 28, 2009

Truefitness BJ51 Launch

Date: 22nd December 2009
Venue: Truefitness, Hartamas
Time: 8.10pm ~ 9.10pm
Theme: Christmas (Red, White & Green)
Instructors: Sharon, Simone, Kak Leo, Shirlyn & Me

Woohoo!! Super cool bodyjam release & super tiring as well hahaha!! But it was fun!! With the 'cool' & supportive members (jammers) as well.
Hmmm.. I'm quite lazy to write here hehe.. so lets enjoy some of the photos during the launch okay!! (Thanks Sharon & Daphne for these photos, I curi from facebook lagi.. heeee..)

Instructors for the launch (Shirlyn, Me, Sharon, Kak Leo & Simone)

During the warmup track. I like the move so much yoh!! Woohoo!! ;)

Isolation.. niceee song!! ;)

Tribal Salsa..

Hahahaha!! What's this?! Drama time lah (during the 2nd block).. what else! hehehe.. funny!! :P

End of launch/show.. ;)

With the 'siao' gang hehehe.. Lama tak jumpa hor.. ;)

All of us!! I suker photo ni!! ;D

Okay.. that's all! See ya in the next entry! Daaa..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Ayah & Mama!!

Last week was a very very fun week for me (extraordinary fun I mean hehe..) With the Kuantan trip with my family (konvoi 2 kereta okeh! hebatss!) & a special dinner with my family as well.

After came back from the Kuantan trip, I secretly organized a special dinner for my family especially for my mum & dad. Why? Coz it's their 30th Anniversary!! Well, 3 days before that, I've already booked Wondermilk cupcakes for that purpose (I fell in love with Wondermilk cupcakes after I ate it at the 3 Ratu's Birthday last month hehehe..)

I choose this design as a symbol of love in my family.. heeee.. ;)

I bring them to TGIF as my mum & dad don't wanna eat rice. We had a very nice dinner & it was so funny to see some of my bro & sis didn't know what to order hahahah!! Lucky that I can explain to them the menu hehehe.. Hmmm.. lets take a look at those photos that I've taken okay..

Ayah & mama with their anniversary cupcakes.. Cute hor.. I sukerr!! ;D

I love my mum & dad sooOOoo MUCH!! ;D

The waiter there ask me what sort of celebration that we're having. So I told him that the dinner is to celebrate my parents' anniversary & also my belated birthday. He said ok & come back with a slice of cake for me. It's a complimentary cake from TGIF (that's what he said) Yippiee!! I sukerr!! ;D (I said to them that I don't want them to bully me heeee..)

All of us! Alhamdulilah.. Thank you God for giving me such a wonderful & great family.. (kasi can saya berdrama kejap yerr.. heeee..)

As a summary, I love spending time with my family... ;)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Zabam-Zabam Chicken Rice

I successfuly cooked my special 'Zabam-Zabam Chicken Rice' ;D
Cooked this for my family, & guess what?! It turned out to be a delicious & yummy dish.. *bukan I yg kata sedap okeh! Mama & ayah I yg kata hehehe.. happy happy!!*

I accidentally cut my finger while preparing this.. hehehe.. ;p

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Butt-Day!! I'm 29 yoh!!

Haluuu.. haluuu!! Ehem ehem..
I'm 29 already wahahaha!! (7th December 2009) *hmm.. I'm confused! Should I say yeayyy!! or yahooo!! or yippiee!! haha..* But whatever it is, I'm so happy yoh (matilaa, dah tua pun happy!! hahaha!! but.. but.. ada mak kesah?!! haha..) Thanks for all the wishes ya!! ;D

Hey Hey! I cried on my birthday eve! Huahuahua.. Coz of the wishes from my family & also friends at that night, plus I got a special Baskin Robin cake from a friend!!
Thanks Cilla!!

Guess what?! I've choosen my birthday date to do my bodyjam video certification hehehe..
Coz I took the training on 7th December last year, so I thought by doing this video shoot would be a great gift from me to myself (hahaha.. ada ke camni? kasi hadiah kat diri sendiri?.. but again.. ada mak kesah?! ;P)
The video shoot session (Fitness First IOI, Puchong) was okay (eventhough I still think that I should do better than that! hiakk!), besides the battery died during the 2nd block, but Kak Leo & other seniors said it's normal. So, I hope I'll be certified la hor.. hehehe.. (mana tau ada rezeki migrate to Australia nanti, buleh ajar bodyjam kat sana!! InsyaAllah, kalau Allah izinkan) ;-) Thanks to friends & members who came on that day, especially Kak Leo, Bro, Kak Nita, Fina, Jerry, Kech, Mummy Saerah, Paul & others (sorry ya kalau tak sebut nama kat sini.. short memory hahaha!!)

Photo taken right before the video shoot starts *sempat lagikss yer posing.. tapi dlm hati tu nervous Tuhan jek ler yg tau hehehe..*

They suprised me with the birthday song & cakes after the class.. huahuahua.. mak tak sempat nak lap-lap peluh pun uollss!! hehehe.. ;p

Hehehe.. me blowing the candles. Thanks Mummy Saerah for the cake!! oopppss.. cakes ya! Got 2 hehehe.. ;-)

Time to pose!!

Pose lagik!! weollss so giler posing! hahah!!

Thanks uollss for coming!! Kak Leo! Thanks a LOT ya for helping me with the video shoot. Muackkksss!! & thanks to Bro Azrul for these photos! (I curik dari facebook hehehehe..) ;D

Well, the birthday celebration didn't end there. There's a December gals birthday celebration organized & sponsored by Siew Fong at Pappa Rich, USJ Taipan (Friday).
Thanks ya Siew Fong!! I'm so happy to see everybody on that day after so long didn't meet each other. These are my old friens at True Fitness yoh!! ;-)

Hehehe.. Jgn jeles uollss!! Barney suapkan I kek!! Heee.. I sukerr.. ;D

Next one, birthday dinner with my best friends ever (Guchik, Pip & Dba) at Chilis, KLCC. I eat a lot yoh!! Woohoo!! Tq!!! ;D
They are like my family already!! Will see them again for Guchik belated birthday dinner next week.. yeayy!! ;D

Tepi!! Tepi!! Birthday gurl nak belasah dessert tu! hahaha!! *matilaa makan banyak giler mlm tuh! Tapi mak tak kesah.. gym kan ader, workout jer lah nanti hehehehe.. motip sgt!!! ;p*

& now I can't wait to celebrate my birthday with my family (yeayyy!! they're coming here tomorrow) & another session with the hommies this coming Thursday.. yeayy!! (matilaa lagik panggil diorg nieh hommies.. hiakkkk!! but then again & again.. ada mak kesah!! heee..)

This one has nothing to do with my birthday. Just wanna put this photo here, coz I like it very very very much!!

This photo was taken by Osmy during the Bodyjam All Star at The Curve last month. Thanksss!! I suker gambar2 candid nieh!! heee.. ;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Angel or Devil??..

End of year is coming.. so time for a performance review.. aiyohh!!
What would you do if you have to review your subordinate's peformance??.. Be the devil? Or the angel??.. *jeng jeng jeng..*
Hehehe.. let me think about it lah!! For the time being, I'll check-check-check it out.. *jadik CSI jap.. heeee..*

A lot of planning for 2010 need to be done as well.. *tapi rasa mcm banyak lagik hal-hal & projek 2009 yang tak settle lagikss!! Camner??..* & thanks to the workload which keeps getting more and complicated each day.. & to make it even worst, my workstation suddenly go insane. Arrrggghhhhh!!! Helppppp!!! *Faint*

P/S: I cried just now after my Isya' prayer (motip nangis tetiber..) Why???.. Coz my brain is sooOOOoooooo sooOOoooo soooOOoooo tired after working non-stop for about 14 hours today.. Stress!! Stress!! Stress!!

*sian Mr. Brain.. nanti kita pi spa berehat no.. sekarang kita kerja dulu okeh!!* <--- ayat untuk legakan hati sendiri.. hehehe..

Monday, November 30, 2009

A note to God...

Such a lovely song with a nice & meaningful lyrics...

If you wanna watch Charice performing this song live at Oprah show, click here..
(I bet u'll have goosebumps if u watch this!!)

Got one more song, from a TV3 drama titled 'Korban Kasih'. It was screened last Saturday in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidiladha. Kinda sad story I would say, & this song gave a big impact to me.. (ni sape nak muntah baca nieh, silakan.. I benarkan hehehehe.. pasal I pun nak termuntah time type mende nieh.. ngeeee.. ;p) The song title is 'Cinta Terakhir' by Aiman ("Aiman tak kesahhh.." yg tu ker? ekekekek...)

All I can say is, always believe in 'fate. Don't ever stop having faith in God, coz He knows better. It may be difficult now, but we never know what will come later in the future.. rite?.. ;) I like this statement, which I saw in my friend's FB status.. here it is..
"Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari dan tiba-tiba Allah datangkan
hujan, petir dan kilat.. kita bersedih dan tertanya-tanya kemana hilangnya matahari..Rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi..."

*** Matilaaa ada yg nak muntah lagiks ni.. Hahahaha.. ;p

** Suara saya sangat seksi... huahuahua... Auuwwww!!! *terima kasih pada sakit tekak & batuk yang tak baik2 nieh!! hiaakkkk!!!* ;p
** Tiba-tiba minat membaca saya hilang. Pergi mana ntah!! haizzz.. ;p

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halo *ketika pening di ofis*

Mari kita tengok video klip kakak saya, Beyonce nieh!! *kakak ker?! lariikkkssss!!* Saya sangat pening kat ofis nieh! Jadi, mari kita beronggeng duluuuuu!!! Yeayy!! ;p

Saya sangat suka opening lagu nieh! Also the music arrangement!! & the music video also nice!! I LOIKE!! ;)

Komen saya untuk video klip ni:
1) As usual, Beyonce sangat cantiksss!! Heee.. ;)
2) The guy (his name in Michael Ealy), he's so cute!! See his smile.. hehehe.. mata tu original ke, or pakai contact lense?? *cair akakss!! ooppssss.. larriikkksss lagikssss!!* ;p
3) Hey!! Main kambing pulaksss? Ada ke org bela kambing dalam rumah uollss!! *Motip!* <---- wahahahah!! bukan kambing lah uollss!! It's a puppy lah!! Hiakkk!! Ini lah akibatnya kalau dah fenin & ting tong kat ofis.. puppy buleh tetiber jek jadik kambing!! huahuahua.. DUSHHH!!! ;p *nasib baik I tengok video tu lagi skali.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..*
4) Saya suka jugaksss rumah dalam video klip nieh! Cantikssss!!
5. Saya suka part yang Beyonce menari tuh!! Kan bagus kalau kat rumah saya ada area untuk menari cenggituuu.. nyek nyek nyek.. berangan lagiksss!! ;p

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More books.. yeayy!

Yeayyy!! Guess what?! I've finished reading the book that I read recently (My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson). The story is ok for me. I didn't cry (as my friend said that I'll surely cry if I read the book.. hahaha!! tetttt!! Wrong!! I guess this friend of mine don't know me that much yet.. hehehe..) But I laugh a lot during reading it coz there's certain parts which I felt so funny.

Well, I do agree that reading can be treated as a way of theraphy, especially when you don't wanna think too much about your stressful life. So, I was telling to my friend that from now on (as for now la hor.. hehehe..), I'll read whenever I have time. So last night, she lend me some of her book collection. I said I only want one book, but she gave me 3... huahuahua.. How am I gonna finish those 3 books?? Hiakkk!!! We'll see la how it goes.. ;)

I think I'll start with this one first (dah start dah pun malam tadik.. tapi baru sampai page 21 pasal tertido hehehe.. nyek nyek nyek..)

My friend lend me this one as well.. errmmm..

This one also... errrrmmm... errmmmm... no comment!

So friends! If I can't 'lepakss' with you all, that means either I go 'lepakss' with other friends or I'm reading.. hehe.. ;)

P/S: Am I on diet???... Hmmmm...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Day at Perodua, Rawang

Hey! These few days, it's all about work, work & work (Sunday also work! aiyoh! Hiakkk!!).
Am typing this blog at Perodua, Rawang. Got a project going on here, so need to stay here for the whole day.. but yet, I'm so free yoh! Hehehe..

Reached Perodua at about 10.45am coz the program starts at 11.00am until 4.00pm. It was quite hot (although there's an aircond there). You must be asking what the hell I'm doing here for the whole day.. haha.. Actually, we are in a group. We've been appointed to display our project and also represent our company in 'Perodua Quality Improvement Competition' organized by them. I've been here since last Friday for setting up & preparing everything, as the program starts on Monday until Tuesday, which is today. Didn't manage to join the team yesterday coz there's so many things to do at office, & meeting as well.

The view at the exhibition area.. Perodua main lobby.

Busy preparing the materials for the competition & exhibition as well *buat-buat bz jek tu uollss! Ahahahahaha!!*

Explain & explain & explain.. Hopefully we'll win! Yeahhhh!!

We had lunch here.. Golden Cow Kopitiam *takde pun lembu emas kat sini uollss.. hehe..*

My lunch!! hehehehehe... *roti telur tuh I share with my friend okeh! heeee..* ;p

Eh! Pssstttt... psssstttt.. I've decided something..
To work hard, play hard, hmmm.. everything hard lah!! But yet, living a simple life.. I think I'll be happy then.. ;)

Before I stop, lets enjoy the video clip below by Jay Sean. The song title is 'Down'.
I like the song yoh! Really really like it!! But the video clip.. errrr.. ok la hor.. But I think Jay Sean can't dance. Looks weired & funny hehe.. ooopppssss.. sorry.. ;p
Till then.. daaa.. ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Saya rindu sangat kat ayah ngan mama saya..
Rinduuuuuuuuu sangatttttttt-sangattttttt..

Ok lah... itu je yang saya nak cakap.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Laksam Fiesta with da Babies

This entry is dedicated especially to my 2 best friends, Yam & Muni. I'm so glad & thankful to have both of you in my life! Errrr.. jiwang kah? Ahaksss.. ;)

I might not be having the chance to say this in front of both of you.. So, I'm saying it now.. "Yam & Muni!! I love you & thanks for being a good friend to me. I'll never forget those times when we were still in university.. Those are the happiest moment in my life yoh!! Will keep it as long as I live ok!! Muaacckksss!!" Heee.. Errrr.. jiwang lagi kah? Ahakss!


How many of us still in contact with old friends??
Me!! Me!! Hehehe..

Last night got a chance to meet 2 of my best friends. We studied together at UIA, took the same course which is Mechatronics Engineering. Well, I still contact this one friend, Yam, but somehow had lost contact with one more friend, Muni. Both of them got married already, which limit the time that we can spend together. I would say the reason for losing contact with Muni happen right after she got married. Don't get me wrong ya.. It's not because of her marriage la.. I think the main reason is I'm so busy dealing with my daily life & activities, while she's busy dealing with her family matter. So, to cut it short, we got the chance to meet each other last night, after about 1 year.

Last Monday, suddenly I talk to my friend about Muni (after about 1 year I didn't say anything about her.. hehehe..) & yesterday, which is Tuesday, I received sms from Muni inviting me to go to her house for Laksam Fiesta. OMG!! Like she knows that I'm thinking of her.. So I said.. "OK!" Plus I wanna see her baby as well!! She gave birth to her first child last Ramadhan. While Yam gave birth to her first child as well right before the Ramadhan. So, I got the chance to meet up with both babies!! Yeayyyy!!!

OK.. OK.. Lets take a look at those photos that I've taken during my visit to Muni's house. Oh, before I forgot, her laksam was damn good & delicious. I wish I can cook that laksam.. hiakkkk!! which I know, IMPOSSIBLE!!! Hehe.. ;p

With Amir Harraz, Yam's baby. Cute right! & he's so tall yoh!!

With Siti Zunnurain Qahirah, Muni's baby. Cute.. cute!! ;)

The laksam!! Yumm Yumm Yummyyy!!! I likeee!!! *Muni siap tapau untuk I okeh!! Ahahahahah.. nampak sangat I suka laksam kan!! Hehehehe..*

Friday, October 30, 2009


What you get when a person sings truly from the heart?..
Such a beautiful, lovely & nice song as below.. by the one & only my all time favourite singer, Lionel Richie. Just give him any song. He will sing it from his heart. Other songs that I like.. Hello, Three Times A Lady, Say You Say Me & All Night Long. Enjoyyyy... ;-)

Lady, morning's just a moment away
And I'm without you once again
You laughed at me
You said you never needed me
I wonder if you need me now

So many dreams that flew away
So many words we didn't say
Two people lost in a storm
Where did we go?
Where'd we go?

We lost what we both had found
You know we let each other down
But then most of all
I do love you


We played the games that people play
We made our mistakes along the way
Somehow I know deep in my heart
You needed me
'cause I needed you so desperatly!
We were too blind to see
But then most of all
I do love you

Reading?? Hmmm.. yup! yup!

I've started my reading again after quite some time. I don't really like to read actually. Usually, I'll read for certain reasons only. Sometimes, you want to deviate your mind from thinking something which is not worth for you to think, so reading can be an excellent help for that!!

Got a book from a close friend of mine. The title is "My Best Friend's Girl" by Dorothy Koomson. This book is about friendship. At the cover page, there's a question asked.. "What would you do for the friend who broke your heart?" Kind of interesting for me. So I hope I can manage to finish this (definitely will take quite some time for me to finish this.. hehehe..), coz I'm not really good in
reading.. ya I mean, I'm always amazed by the fact that some people can read so fast. Some of them can finish reading a 500 pages book in just one day.. & some of them can even finish it in only a couple of hours. OMG! How they read & "takde kerja lain ka depa nieh dok asyik baca ja??.."

Well, that proves the fact that most (I said most okay.. not all) engineers don't like to read.. coz we
like to play with numbers rather than letters.. hehehe.. ;p

I will only read during my free time (of course!!). When is my free time?.. Hmmm.. Let me see..
1. Before going to bed (at this time usually I'm busy FB'ing, reading e-mails, blogging, reading friend's blog, etc.. so by the time I lay on my bed, suddenly it's morning already.. haha.. how? how?)

2. During my lunch time at office (well, if I'm hungry I'll go out or go to the canteen to eat. And by the time I finished my lunch, the lunch hour ends already.. haiyoo! how? how? If I'm not hungry, I'll take a nap at office. If I'm not feeling sleepy & I read, suddenly this eyes wanna close.. how? how? heeee..)

3. After working hours (I'm busy with bodyjam class and my workout activities. If not going to the gym, I'll be busy 'talking, gossiping & laughing' with my friends. Then how? how?)

4. Holiday time (Saturday.. wake up late after having fun with friends on that Friday nite. And usually I'll have 2 bodyjam classes. Then at night usually I'll have plans with friends.. movies or whatever. Sunday.. no bodyjam class but time to sleep. These few days I like to sleep lah!! Hiakkk!! Maybe I need more rest hehe.. So how? how?)

5. Balik kampung time (haiyooo.. this time is only for my family okeh! & for me to have a 'nice & fun' chat with my no. 1 best friend (mama) & my no. 2 best friend (ayah). And also do things that normal lady like me normally do, which is cooking, washing plates (lots of plates I tell ya!!), shopping groceries with mama & ayah (the best time yoh!! I'll always do this.. "Mama, beli ayam la, masak kurma sedap!!".. & then.. "Mama, daging ni kalau buat gulai.. fuyyooh! sedap!!! kan kan kan!".. & then suddenly.. "Ayah, mintak mama masak ketam ni ok jugak kan! Buat sup, mesti depa suka!".. & then.. "Waahhh.. mama! buat kari kepala ikan lah! Ayah suka kan!! hehehe.." & this will go on & on & on.. hehehe..) So how? how? Now you tell me when is the time for me to do my reading hehehehe.. *alasan sangat kan!! tak larajj*

The book.. Hopefully can finish it.. hehehehe..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Breast Cancer

How many of us are aware of Breast Cancer? The definition, the signs & symptoms, the risks factors and many more.. Do we take some time to understand this?..
Well, I'm trying to understand it now.. reading lots of website regarding 'Breast Cancer'. U might be asking.. "Zaza tak kerja ke dok sebok baca pasal Breast Cancer nieh?!" hehehe.. Well, now I'm so free yoh! Attending a convention as a guess, with my laptop & broadband ahahaha!! So, surfing mission lah!! Ok, back to our Breast Cancer ok.. For those who don't know, this month (October) is a National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So I would like to take this opportunity to write something about this before October ends :) Go to this link to find out more ok! It's good for us to know coz we never know what will happen in the future. Maybe we ourselves will suffer with this (Nauzubillah..) or maybe our close family members or close friends? We'll never know right?! So better be prepared!! ;)

A pink ribbon is worn to recognize the struggle that sufferers face when battling with breast cancer.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A BIG Suprise & CUCI The Musical

I got flower!! heheheh.. A nice bouquet of flower..
Last Saturday, as usual, I was at TF Taipan doing my regular bodyjam class there. At the end of the class, suddenly a member came to me with a nice bouquet of pink flower. OMG!! I was so suprised. It's not my birthday or what so ever.. but this member said that the flower is a special gift to me. Heheheeh.. Sukerrrrrr!!! ;D

Thanks ya! Love it!!

& the very same day, I watched 'CUCI The Musical'. Kak Az invited me to join her & others (Usop, Rijal, Kak Ju, Abg Bard, Anthony, Arib & Bro Azrul) as she got free ticket for the preview. The show was damn funny yoh!! I laughed like nobody business ahahahahahah!!! ahahahahahaha!!! aahahahahhaha!! again & again & again.. ;D
Go & watch it ok!! *Sape lagi yang nak sokong industri seni Malaysia kalau bukan kita.. kan kan kan!...* ;)

I like AC Mizal & Adibah Nor in this show.. so funny!!! ahahahahha!!

Thanks Kak Az for the ticket!! Muaacckkssss!!! ;D

P/S: Sleeping seems to be the best activity for me these few days. If possible, I wanna sleep the whole day... hehehe..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just my imagination...

Ladies out there! Just imagine a guy suddenly sing this song to you.. & he sing it like he really mean it.. How would you respond?? hehe.. So nice hor.. Hey hey! I'm just imagining here okay. Nobody (as for now) had ever sing this song to me the way I want it to be. (Except my dad.. of course!!) I like this song very much, since I was a kid! Suddenly I remembered this song when I was driving home just now while listening to Light & Easy radio station.

So.. enjoy listening to this song ok!! Only the song ya.. not the video. Didn't manage to find the original music video for this song.. huhu..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

She's so damn HOT!!!

Take a look at this video. Beyonce (my sista hehehe..) performing live at the MTV music video award. She's HOT yoh!! Really like her performance & attitude!! I wanna dance like that too!! Ahahahahha.. I know.. I know.. in my dreams la hor.. hehehe..

P/S: So sad that her concert in Malaysia has been postponed. Me & a few friends already bought the ticket. Hmmm.. or should I go to Singapore to watch her concert? *wink wink*

Thursday, October 15, 2009


As I was listening to my iPod just now.. suddenly this song caught my attention.
Although it's an old song, the lyrics is so deep.. can be dedicated to whoever we wish to.
To friends, parents, family.. whoever lah!
Just listen to the song & watch the music video as well. Kind of make me cry at office just now hehe.. *takde saper nampak.. nangis sikit jek.. hehehe..*

Pernah Ku Terasa Ingin Membawa
Cinta Yang Terlara Ke Titik Mula
Kembali Mencuba Untuk Kali Kedua
Menggilapkan Gerhana Jiwa

Pernah Ku Terasa Ingin Merayu
Pada Kasih Dulu Pulang Padaku
Lupakan Dosaku Putihkan Kelabu
Tenangkan Amarahmu

Bisakah Yang Terpadam Dinyala
Bisakah Yang Terhina Dicinta
Walau Ku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

Naluri Meminta Kuungkap Kata
Seindah Bahasa Janjikan Setia
Agar Bersemilah Cinta Dihatinya
Percaya Ku Semula

Bisakah Yang Benci Disayangi
Bisakah Yang Dusta Dimaafi
Walauku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

Bila Senduku Berlinang Sayu
Dalam Rindu Ku Tertanya

Ulang Chorus

Bisakah Yang Benci Disayangi
Bisakah Hatiku Difahami
Walauku Himpunkan Sesalku
Bisakah Terbuka Kalbu

P/S: I'm not being 'jiwang' here okeh!! ;p


I just wanna shout out to the whole world that..


That's all I wanna say.. thank you ekekekeke..

Psssttt.. psssstttt.. there's no more anger suddenly.. *sigh*
But whatever it is.. it feels good & I like it this way ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Hmmm.. The worst PMS mode I've ever felt in my life! & I had a period pain for the first time!! Hiakkkk!!! *Sakit sanggaaaaatttttttssssss okeh!!*
Kak Az said it's normal as we getting older.. She said 'symptom anak dara lanjut usia'.. ahahahaha.. betul lah agaknya yerrr.. Dah lanjut usia aku nieh.. ehehehe.. Tapi takper, yang penting anak dara lanjut usia yg modelszzzz.. heeeee.. ;)

1. I missed my mum & dad so much!! If possible, I want both of them to be by my side everyday, but I know it's impossible. I have my own commitment & responsible to be done here. Huhu..

2. I cried when a friend told me stories which reminds me of those sad moments of mine, & suddenly judging me. & to make it even worst, the judgement is influenced by someone that I don't trust. Hmmm.. Emo hor..

3. Saturday usually is my 'FUN' day. The day to have fun with friends after having 2 jam classes. But not yesterday. No mood to go out, so end up staying at home watching tv. So tak syiokkk!! Krukkk Krukkk Krukkkk.. ;p

4. Did jam class while having a period pain.. Hiakkkkk!! Not good!! Not good!! *Ladies! Don't try this at home okay! Hehe..*

5. Lazy mode at office.. & emo also.. Hiakkkkk!!! I sound my boss for keep changing his instruction as he likes, and ask me to present a project which is not mine. Harlow! How am I suppose to know the project details as I never involve in that particular project!! Oooppsss, sorry boss! Terlebih sudaahhh.. ahahahahah.. ;p

6. Mode 'selera makan bertambah' ahahahaha.. No comment on this.. ;p

& many moreeeeeeeeeeee..

But now, I can feel the PMS will come to an end already hehehe.. Alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Psssstttt.. pssssttttt... Can't wait!!

Hehehe.. Can't wait to shake it all with my sista, Beyonce ahahahaha!!!