Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nice & peaceful holiday :-)

I really enjoy the time spent during my holiday in my hometown :)
spending time with my family.. which jarang2 baru dapat hehe.. coz very busy with work & own activity.

Yesterday, we celebrate our younger sis & bro so called belated birthday as 3 of them were borned in August.. so sambut sekali la hehe.. rugi kan hahaha..!!
So, I sponsor the lovely black forest cake while my younger bro sponsor the makan2 (western food) hehe.. fair la coz the day before that i already treat them all makan2for lunch & dinner.. For lunch we had lots of lauk (steam crab.. this one I cook hehe.., vegetables, roasted chicken, kari kepala ikan, sambal udang & some desserts) & for dinner we makan kat luar :) I really had lots of fun chit chatting with my family & will miss them a lot when i start my work nanti kan.. huhu.. :( but nevermind.. it's life.. no success without sacrifice!! These are some nice photos that I would like to share with u all.. from my house & from my heart hehe.. :)

Black forest cake, for memeriahkan their birthday celebration :)

Cantik tak my mum's orchid garden?? hehe.. bila marah, just look at the garden.. terus x jadi marah hehe..

Parts from that, watched my favorite event for beijing olympic.. athletics of course, especially 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m & 4x400m. Best!! Really salute the Jamaican team. How they can be that fast.. i mean they conquer most of the event. What they eat & drink hah?.. hehehe..

Hmm.. although I had fun spending time with my family, I still miss my friend especially friends at gym hehe.. apa lagi... bodyjam friends lar.. what else.. really missed them & also missing joining the bodyjam class itself :) that's why some of my friends call me 'hantu bodyjam' wakakaka.. whatever la.. as long I enjoyed what I'm doing right?! hehe.. This Sunday, will go back to Shah Alam, so looking forward to be active again for my favorite classes.
Just now, read Shirlyn's blog, she said she already malas to go to gym. So, I hope she will not be malas again after this especially to teach bodyjam class, coz if she lazy to teach, then me & friends also will be lazy lar.. so how how how??!! Nanti me & friends gemuk macam mana.. hehehe.. no fun la like that!! hehehe.. just kidding :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leadership & Development Training

Last Friday until Sunday (15~17 Aug), I went to Port Dickson for a training under company. It's for selected engineers & executives. Kind of to develop us & also to enhance our leadership skills. All 16 of us, I'm the only one female hehe.. but it's ok.. not a problem with me :) kind of used to it already.

The training was fun, although a bit stress sometimes. It challenge ourselves physically & mentally. But we manage to do all the task & most importantly, we do all the task in a team & we are getting closer each day, which I think help to enhance our communication in our daily task.

The first day, we have 'trust fall' activity hehe.. it's all about trusting each other.

At this particular time, everybody were helping each other to accomplish the mission given.. cayalah!!

Then after lunch, we had 'tarantula'. Really challenge our teamwork & patient.

Be careful.. be careful.. hehe.. that's what I said :)

Then at night, we have 'night orienteering'. We are in 3 different groups. Each group were given 3 different set of bearing to follow. We have to follow it & travel in a jungle with only 2 torchlights. This activity is held at 'Hutan Simpan Pasir Panjang' which is not really far from our hotel. We start our journey at about 9pm & my group finish it at about 1am hehe.. At first, we lost our way coz we are not sure whether the bearing that we follow at that time is correct or not. Then we decide to go back to starting point & have discussion with other group yang dah sampai. Then, we go back to look for our last check point coz 'never give up' is our team's core principal.. hehe.. cewah!! But after about 3.5 hours in the jungle, the coordinator ask us to go back to starting point through the walkie talkie as it's getting late & they are worried of our group's condition. For me, at that time, my group condition in more important than looking for the last checkpoint. So, we had about 15 minutes discussion & decide to listen to the coordinator advise. When we reach the starting point at that time, other group were very worried of our condition especially me coz I'm the only lady in this training. I said I'm ok & at the same time I make sure that everybody is ok also as for this activity, I'm the 'project manager'. Thank God that everything was ok :)

Early next morning (Saturday) we had an exercise. We had to run at the beach & do some exercise. Then after breakfast, we had a discussion on what happen last night at the jungle & lesson learned from it. Then, we have 'bridge building' activity. Each group had to build a bridge by only using two chairs which is positions about 2 feet between each other, newspaper & tape. Everything went smoothly. My group got no.1 in this challenge hehe.. we were very happy as last night, we did not manage to complete the task give. Sort of cover back lar hehe..

We're no.1!! Yesss!!!

After the trainer stand on our bridge for 3 minutes, I did not dare to stand on it without holding the chair hehehe..

Next challenge, 'treasure hunt' yess!! This one I like!! My favorite game. Run here run there.. Most of the time, me & one of my friend will do the run & find thing in order to cover some of our member who are not physically ok. One of our group member had a flu & two more are too tired to run. So, we compromise each other & we manage to complete the task successfully. At that time, one of our team's group were facing some difficulties in completing the task. So, me as the deputy leader for this training & some of other friends try to help them. When they finish the challenge, the feeling.. wow.. very satisfied.

The first station for the treasure hunt. Come on guys.. we can do it! :)

After lunch, we had paintball challenge. 3 groups has to play with each other in order to qualified for the final. My group get to go to the final hehe.. best!! We were so happy coz in our group, nobody has experience playing paintball before. Other 2 groups, like 2 to 3 of them has play it before. The final, fun!! I'm the only one left in my group which I tak sedar. Well, I was like 'syok sendiri' at that time shooting at the other group & I felt weired coz the other group keep shouting my name. At that time, I did not give up. I just try my best to shoot at them. Then I realize nobody cover me up.. so apa lagi.. mati lar hehe.. But w had lots of fun. I said to my friend, I want to play paintball again after this. So, this 31st August, I'll be joining my special team to play paintball-ambush game in the jungle hehehe..

Everybody were concentrating to the paintball briefing given by the marshall

My group hehe.. a very dynamic group.. Bravo Bravo!!

Ada gaya tak? hehe.. really looking forward to join more paintball after this :)

That night, we had physical & mental activity which we have to continue the next day. All activity were very good & I'm satisfied with it. We manage to achieve the objectives & target given. We finished the training at about 7.15pm on Sunday.

Monday, working day, most of the training participants got mc hehe.. me?.. no.. I'm ok.. just little bit batuk2 & sakit kepala. But still can work :)

Now I'm at Sg. Petani, my hometown as I apply leave for 3 days (Wednesday until Friday) to have a rest & spend valuable time with my family, coz now cuti sekolah & university, so all my younger bro. & sis. are at home. I really need a rest from my work I think & I hope I can continue performing well after the holiday hehe..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Just now join bodyjam class. Jeremy in da house!! Non-stop yo!! I really like!! The only time that we can take a rest is about 30 sec which is to drink hehe.. all tracks I like.. plus most of them are high-cardio hahaha!! I really sweat & enjoy. We all went crazy & scream a lot wakakak.. (scream la coz penat but fun hahaha..)

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today so happy coz Shirlyn the bodyjam instructor did the Bodyjam 40 krump dance.. hehe.. so like it!!
dah lama tak buat... memang syok!! krump krump krump!! yeah!!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Me & Friends: Damage ker? hehehe..