Saturday, May 23, 2009

No Fun Trip!!

Had a trip today (day time) with some friends. Well, at first I thought it will be a fun & happy trip, coz I wanna release my work stress as well. At first it is... but.. hmm..

Guess what?! The trip.. not fun at all!! Just because of things that shouldn't be said by a friend...

Well, hey!!! u got a problem with ur 'thing' or whatsoever.. fine!! but don't ever involved others! I mean, if u feel sad or angry because of ur own problem, then don't treat others as if we all are the one who create the problem for u!! Oh! I'm so sick with this kind of people!! I just wish that I didn't join the trip at the first place!! Coz I feel so bad for not having fun with my friends just because of this particular person who I felt don't deserve to be called a friend. BOOHOOOOO!!!

I'm done talking here...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Week!! Thanks Frens!! :D

Hmmm... What a fun week I had.. & of course with all the friends that I have. Never imagined in my life that I'll be having such a lovely & nice friends!! Thanks ya y'all!! heheheh... so drama hor.. huahuahua..

The fun started with hang out session with some gym members at KL.. went late dinner, then jalan2 at Petaling Street & Chowkit hehehe.. siap makan durian tau uolss pukul 1.30am heheheh... tak nak cakap panjang2.. let the photo speaks ya!! :D
Nak cari buah anggur katanyaaaa.. :)

Hahaha.. what so funny har?? I pun tak ingat!! :P

Then, on Saturday, went for Bodyjam Audition at FF Menara Manulife. The audition was fun!!! I know I'm still new.. so the chance to be chosen is very the 'tipis'.. but I still wanna try my luck :) Mana la tau kan.. hehehe.. ada rezeki I :)
Then after the audition, went shopping & makan2 with Daphne. Cari birthday present katanyaaa... for our best friend, MeeKee :)

Sunday morning until afternoon, at office heheheh... trying to settle some works. Then had lunch with MeeKee.. Then decided to visit my aunty (yang dah 6 bulan lebih tak jumpa huahuahua.. sangat jahat kan I!!) I was shocked that my aunty cried when she saw me.. OMG!! She missed me rupanyerrrr... I pun miss her jugakssss... but I never thought that she missed me sampai mcm tu skali.. At that time, I realize how bad I am.. huhuhu... Bad Zarina!!! Duuusssshhhhh!!! *knocked my own head*

Then Syah & Fina called me.. asking me to join them for bowling. Best!! They saw my status in FB hehehe.. coz I teringin sgt nak main bowling uolssss!! tetiber jek kan!! So, we had fun playing 'bodyjam bowling' as everyone has to do one bodyjam move before playing the game hehehee.. Super fun yo!!
With Syah

With Fina

Jeng jeng jeng!!! My score heheheh... padahal bukan pandai main pun huahuahua... :P

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pour que tu m'aime encore

Hehehe.. do u know what the title above means?? hahaha!! I also don't know!! Actually it's the song by Celine Dion. Been listening to this song while blogging this entry. Feels like ages I didn't update my blog. I did blog one 'controversial' entry last week, if I'm not mistaken. But i decided to delete it a day after I publish it. Why?? Hmmm.. coz I'll be sad whenever I look at my own blog, just because of that particular sad entry :)

U know what?! I'm still at office now. Alone pulak tuh! heheheh... but stealin' some time for blogging kejap heheheh.. shhhhhh.. :P
Hmmm... my updates. So many to tell yerrr.. But one thing for sure, there's a lot of mixing feeling in me these past few weeks... no.. days.. hmmm... arrgghh!! I also don't know what's happening to me huahuahua.. malas la nak layan!! Buat don't know jer la :)

Bodyjam class, as usual, still replace classes, which I LIKEEEEE!!! Last Saturday, went to The Curve to support some of the members who join the bodyjam audition. The class was super fun, plus my mentor, Ken ask me to 'shadow' him for UF OH tracks. Fun!!! Really fun!! Hope the members feel that way too!! :D
Then, went makan2 & minum2 with Fina, Jerry, Peter & Kech. It was a fun 'hang out' as I dah lama yer tak lepaksss ngan the all nih!! Plus I did share my 'story' to them.. Thanks for being such a good listener ya!! Really appreciate it! & Jerry, thanks for the advice. But should I be doing something that I'm not comfortable with??.. Or should I just let it go, & be sad after that coz of not trying at all??.. huh.. I just don't know... huahuahua... so drama hor.. vencisssssss sgtttt!! :P

Later late at nite, Abza & his fren joined us for minum at SS2.

Sunday, replace Sulin's bodyjam class at Menara Maxis. Fun!! I did the hip hop track from BJ47 and also some track from BJ48. I was super tired coz I just got 1.5 hour sleep that nite and I have a super early aerobic class before that which is 7.30am. HUahuahua... But hey!! I'm tired.. so what?! Members come to the class coz they wanna do bodyjam & workout.. Tired ke tak, u have to perform like nobody business rite!! So I did push myself... hehehehe.. but after the class, penat tak hingat yerrr.. heheheh.. but I 'PUAS' hahahaha!! After the class, join some member for dinner at Uncle Lim, Ikea. It is not planned ya.. It's just that I went to the Curve to take my things, & they went to Ikea for shopping. As the Curve & Ikea nearby je kan... apa la salahnyer join diorg.. pulak tu I memang sangat lapar yerrrr... hehehe.. But I didn't finish my nasi lemak coz terjadinyer satu kejadian 'sentappp' masa I tengah makan tuh.. huahuahua.. kesian nasi lemak tu kan!! Tapi I memang sangat sentapppp yer... :P
Nice dinner :) why i put this photo?? hmm.. coz I LIKE IT!! hehe..

Just wanna say this..
I don't know what is 'love' anymore.. & I don't remember what it feels to fall in love.. coz I've tried to open my heart, but I'm just too afraid to be hurt!! It's not that I give up on love (sangat stupid yer I kalau fikir macam nih!! hehehe..), it's just that maybe the time is not suitable for me to play a game called 'love' :)

But I found that this love quote quite interesting. So, wanna share with u all :)

"The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life."
--Sir Hugh Walpole

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My First 'Makan-makan' at home with frens

Yesterday was my first very own 'makan-makan' at home with frens. Invited most of my gym friends & some of office mates. My parents were here, so they help me a lot. My mum prepared most of the dishes hehe.. while I'm just helping mana yang patut. I prepared sandwich saja yer hehehe.. coz if I prepared all the dishes, for sure they won't eat it coz tak sedap hahahah!!
I like this photo :D