Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Went Crazy at YFitness haha..!

I went crazy at YFitness (19th June 08, 8.15pm).. hehe.. of course for bodyjam la... what else?!
You guys might get bored reading my crazy bodyjam story.. but.. it's me... & this is
my world.. my dream.. & my soul right?! if you get bored, just channel yourself
to other blog ok.. hehe..

How I can join the launch there? hehe.. secret!! It's secret coz I'm not sure whether I can tell you guys about it or not.. maybe have to ask permission from this particular person first.. can ar??.. cannot ar??.. don't know la.. hehe..
Reached there early, so have to wait for my friend. Then when we enter the YFitness, there's bodypump new launch going on. Then, I saw Brian (Bodypump instructor). He also wanna join bodyjam, and also became cameraman for the bodyjam session. Shirlyn & Sharon were the bodyjam instructor for that day.. It was really fun!! Can see Raymond joining the jam too.. We really went crazy!! I think, this new release is the best so far.. for me la.. don't you guys think so?..

Here are some photos for that night. Thanks to Shirlyn, Sharon & Brian for taking & giving me these photos. I really like it!! Muuaaahhhh!!!

Roll it.. roll it.. hehe.. my favorite move hehe..

With the instructors & members joining that day.. All happy face kan?!! Suka nyerrr!!

Wah Wah Wah.. This one... no comment hehe.. free advertisement for YFitness hehe..
(From left: Sharon, Shirlyn, Me the Cutie wakakakak.. so the perasan & Intan, my office mate)

Now.. this is Brian's idea.. hehe.. gemuk la I dlm photo ni kan.. huwaaaAAaa!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Miracle 08.. Fun Fun Fun!!

Yesterday went to join Miracle 08 at The Curve.. joined the bodyjam session at
It was fun.. I really enjoyed it.. with a really energetic fitness first bodyjam team on the stage.. hahaha!! I really went crazy yesterday.. Although there are so many people joining & too crowded, but I don't care haha.. crazy crazy crazy.. that's all I can say hehe..
Then we took some photos by using my pda... but not really clear la the photo hehe..
After the jam, I met Leo (one of the instructor for bodyjam). She used to teach bodyjam in Truefitness Taipan, but now no more. She said something to me.. So sweet.. but it doesn't matter to me anymore..
OK la... here are some photos.. enjoy!!

With friends & jam instructors that day hehe.. so syiok!!

Me, Kim & Jacinta after the jam :)

With Intan... habis basah berpeluh hehe..