Monday, January 12, 2009

Cannot sleep.. isk!

Help!! Help!! I cannot sleep nih!! how how?!
2 hours already on bed.. cannot sleep jugak nih!
u know what i'm doing now??.. guess what!
1. eating kerepek pisang
2. drinking kickapoo
3. surfing internet
4. blogging

Hmm.. updates about me.. what i've been doing for the past 2 weeks:
1. practice & practice BJ47 basic & advance
(bila practice sorang macam syiok sendiri jek hehe.. so i prefer practice with
2. shadowing at truefitness (2 times.. i ask for shadowing first to get the
feel on stage, coz takut nanti kalau terus tt, terkejut beruk plak atas stage tuh
3. working, of course :)
4. organized a new year dance party with friends
5. joining lots of bodyjam class
6. booking ticket for Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season III
7. searching place to go holiday with friends :D
Some of our new year dance party members :D

What I'll be doing this week:
1. shadowing at fitness first
2. practice & practice more BJ47
3. working, of course la hehe..
4. start tt at truefitness (woi!! nervous ler.. isk!!!)
5. shopping for ipod & nike dance shoes (nih bila nak ada time pi shopping pun tak
tau lar.. asyik bz ngan other things jek)
6. ex-university gathering.. the venue not confirm yet.. hopefully they will do it at
place which serve buffet dinner hehehe.. coz I like it!! wakakaka..)
7. searching lagi & lagi suitable place to go holiday with friends :D

What I wanna do starting from this moment:
* Boicot all US & Jews products
a) Starbucks (isk, although hati i membuak-buak nak lepak & minum kat situ, i akan
tahan ok!! tak mati la kalau tak pi situ hehehe.. kat tempat I ada Pak Li
kopitiam. Although the coffee not as nice as starbucks, but still can lepak &
drink lor (but the chocolate ice sedap giler i tell u).. or I can always
lepak at Oldtown Kopitiam hehe..)
b) McD (not really my favorite, but McD is very near to my office. So, sometimes
will be our eating destination ler.. but now no more ok!!)
c) other products also ler.. habis citer!!!

I have learned new words la this week. Ada 2.. nak tau tak?! Here it is:
1. Sedar ruang
2. Sedar gerak
hehehe.. mcm funny jek bunyi bila first time dengar.. but ada aplikasi tu tau!! :)

Finally, I'm so happy coz got lots of new friends.. friends who have the same passion as me.. which is DANCE!! :D
*I like to move it move it!! I like to move it move it!!*