Monday, November 30, 2009

A note to God...

Such a lovely song with a nice & meaningful lyrics...

If you wanna watch Charice performing this song live at Oprah show, click here..
(I bet u'll have goosebumps if u watch this!!)

Got one more song, from a TV3 drama titled 'Korban Kasih'. It was screened last Saturday in conjunction with Hari Raya Aidiladha. Kinda sad story I would say, & this song gave a big impact to me.. (ni sape nak muntah baca nieh, silakan.. I benarkan hehehehe.. pasal I pun nak termuntah time type mende nieh.. ngeeee.. ;p) The song title is 'Cinta Terakhir' by Aiman ("Aiman tak kesahhh.." yg tu ker? ekekekek...)

All I can say is, always believe in 'fate. Don't ever stop having faith in God, coz He knows better. It may be difficult now, but we never know what will come later in the future.. rite?.. ;) I like this statement, which I saw in my friend's FB status.. here it is..
"Kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan matahari dan tiba-tiba Allah datangkan
hujan, petir dan kilat.. kita bersedih dan tertanya-tanya kemana hilangnya matahari..Rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi..."

*** Matilaaa ada yg nak muntah lagiks ni.. Hahahaha.. ;p

** Suara saya sangat seksi... huahuahua... Auuwwww!!! *terima kasih pada sakit tekak & batuk yang tak baik2 nieh!! hiaakkkk!!!* ;p
** Tiba-tiba minat membaca saya hilang. Pergi mana ntah!! haizzz.. ;p

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halo *ketika pening di ofis*

Mari kita tengok video klip kakak saya, Beyonce nieh!! *kakak ker?! lariikkkssss!!* Saya sangat pening kat ofis nieh! Jadi, mari kita beronggeng duluuuuu!!! Yeayy!! ;p

Saya sangat suka opening lagu nieh! Also the music arrangement!! & the music video also nice!! I LOIKE!! ;)

Komen saya untuk video klip ni:
1) As usual, Beyonce sangat cantiksss!! Heee.. ;)
2) The guy (his name in Michael Ealy), he's so cute!! See his smile.. hehehe.. mata tu original ke, or pakai contact lense?? *cair akakss!! ooppssss.. larriikkksss lagikssss!!* ;p
3) Hey!! Main kambing pulaksss? Ada ke org bela kambing dalam rumah uollss!! *Motip!* <---- wahahahah!! bukan kambing lah uollss!! It's a puppy lah!! Hiakkk!! Ini lah akibatnya kalau dah fenin & ting tong kat ofis.. puppy buleh tetiber jek jadik kambing!! huahuahua.. DUSHHH!!! ;p *nasib baik I tengok video tu lagi skali.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..*
4) Saya suka jugaksss rumah dalam video klip nieh! Cantikssss!!
5. Saya suka part yang Beyonce menari tuh!! Kan bagus kalau kat rumah saya ada area untuk menari cenggituuu.. nyek nyek nyek.. berangan lagiksss!! ;p

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More books.. yeayy!

Yeayyy!! Guess what?! I've finished reading the book that I read recently (My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson). The story is ok for me. I didn't cry (as my friend said that I'll surely cry if I read the book.. hahaha!! tetttt!! Wrong!! I guess this friend of mine don't know me that much yet.. hehehe..) But I laugh a lot during reading it coz there's certain parts which I felt so funny.

Well, I do agree that reading can be treated as a way of theraphy, especially when you don't wanna think too much about your stressful life. So, I was telling to my friend that from now on (as for now la hor.. hehehe..), I'll read whenever I have time. So last night, she lend me some of her book collection. I said I only want one book, but she gave me 3... huahuahua.. How am I gonna finish those 3 books?? Hiakkk!!! We'll see la how it goes.. ;)

I think I'll start with this one first (dah start dah pun malam tadik.. tapi baru sampai page 21 pasal tertido hehehe.. nyek nyek nyek..)

My friend lend me this one as well.. errmmm..

This one also... errrrmmm... errmmmm... no comment!

So friends! If I can't 'lepakss' with you all, that means either I go 'lepakss' with other friends or I'm reading.. hehe.. ;)

P/S: Am I on diet???... Hmmmm...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Day at Perodua, Rawang

Hey! These few days, it's all about work, work & work (Sunday also work! aiyoh! Hiakkk!!).
Am typing this blog at Perodua, Rawang. Got a project going on here, so need to stay here for the whole day.. but yet, I'm so free yoh! Hehehe..

Reached Perodua at about 10.45am coz the program starts at 11.00am until 4.00pm. It was quite hot (although there's an aircond there). You must be asking what the hell I'm doing here for the whole day.. haha.. Actually, we are in a group. We've been appointed to display our project and also represent our company in 'Perodua Quality Improvement Competition' organized by them. I've been here since last Friday for setting up & preparing everything, as the program starts on Monday until Tuesday, which is today. Didn't manage to join the team yesterday coz there's so many things to do at office, & meeting as well.

The view at the exhibition area.. Perodua main lobby.

Busy preparing the materials for the competition & exhibition as well *buat-buat bz jek tu uollss! Ahahahahaha!!*

Explain & explain & explain.. Hopefully we'll win! Yeahhhh!!

We had lunch here.. Golden Cow Kopitiam *takde pun lembu emas kat sini uollss.. hehe..*

My lunch!! hehehehehe... *roti telur tuh I share with my friend okeh! heeee..* ;p

Eh! Pssstttt... psssstttt.. I've decided something..
To work hard, play hard, hmmm.. everything hard lah!! But yet, living a simple life.. I think I'll be happy then.. ;)

Before I stop, lets enjoy the video clip below by Jay Sean. The song title is 'Down'.
I like the song yoh! Really really like it!! But the video clip.. errrr.. ok la hor.. But I think Jay Sean can't dance. Looks weired & funny hehe.. ooopppssss.. sorry.. ;p
Till then.. daaa.. ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009


Saya rindu sangat kat ayah ngan mama saya..
Rinduuuuuuuuu sangatttttttt-sangattttttt..

Ok lah... itu je yang saya nak cakap.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Laksam Fiesta with da Babies

This entry is dedicated especially to my 2 best friends, Yam & Muni. I'm so glad & thankful to have both of you in my life! Errrr.. jiwang kah? Ahaksss.. ;)

I might not be having the chance to say this in front of both of you.. So, I'm saying it now.. "Yam & Muni!! I love you & thanks for being a good friend to me. I'll never forget those times when we were still in university.. Those are the happiest moment in my life yoh!! Will keep it as long as I live ok!! Muaacckksss!!" Heee.. Errrr.. jiwang lagi kah? Ahakss!


How many of us still in contact with old friends??
Me!! Me!! Hehehe..

Last night got a chance to meet 2 of my best friends. We studied together at UIA, took the same course which is Mechatronics Engineering. Well, I still contact this one friend, Yam, but somehow had lost contact with one more friend, Muni. Both of them got married already, which limit the time that we can spend together. I would say the reason for losing contact with Muni happen right after she got married. Don't get me wrong ya.. It's not because of her marriage la.. I think the main reason is I'm so busy dealing with my daily life & activities, while she's busy dealing with her family matter. So, to cut it short, we got the chance to meet each other last night, after about 1 year.

Last Monday, suddenly I talk to my friend about Muni (after about 1 year I didn't say anything about her.. hehehe..) & yesterday, which is Tuesday, I received sms from Muni inviting me to go to her house for Laksam Fiesta. OMG!! Like she knows that I'm thinking of her.. So I said.. "OK!" Plus I wanna see her baby as well!! She gave birth to her first child last Ramadhan. While Yam gave birth to her first child as well right before the Ramadhan. So, I got the chance to meet up with both babies!! Yeayyyy!!!

OK.. OK.. Lets take a look at those photos that I've taken during my visit to Muni's house. Oh, before I forgot, her laksam was damn good & delicious. I wish I can cook that laksam.. hiakkkk!! which I know, IMPOSSIBLE!!! Hehe.. ;p

With Amir Harraz, Yam's baby. Cute right! & he's so tall yoh!!

With Siti Zunnurain Qahirah, Muni's baby. Cute.. cute!! ;)

The laksam!! Yumm Yumm Yummyyy!!! I likeee!!! *Muni siap tapau untuk I okeh!! Ahahahahah.. nampak sangat I suka laksam kan!! Hehehehe..*