Thursday, July 24, 2008


Now, I just wanna relax :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Not well :(

Today is my worse day. Not feeling very well. Felt like this since Saturday. Then on Sunday went to gym so that I can sweat with the hope that I will feel healthy again after that.. tettt!! WRONG!! Totally wrong! After reach home, feel macam nak demam. Then I fell asleep at 5pm until 6 the next morning huh..
I thought I dah ok coz get more than enough sleep already... tettt!!! WRONG again hehe.. starts to feel dizzy after had my breakfast at 10am. Plus the pressure huh..
3 times I felt macam nak jatuh while walking.. Thank God I can control myself from falling. I did not tell anybody about this coz if I did, then people at office will ask me to go back & have a rest.
So, after tea break had a meeting. I did not talk much at office & also in the meeting. No mood & no idea what to talk. Things that make me awake is... the beautiful scenery from the movie 'Water Horse' hehe..
I watched this movie last Friday.. bought a dvd cetak rompak hehe... ssyyy... nanti polis tangkap I pulak.. really like the movie & also the scenery are all beautiful. How I wish I can go to such places :) relax & have good time hehe.. yeah I know.. in my dreams :)

Just now, watch Made of Honor.. also dvd cetak rompak hehe.. from 1 to 5.. I give 0.5coz it’s stereotype.. just like other movie… nothing special. I should have bought other movie.. nevermind. Although tak best, I have learned something about men :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Health : Excellent :)

This morning, went to take my medical checkup result. So happy that the doctor said my health is 'excellent' hehe.. She compared the result with last 2 years one.
But, yang tak bestnyer, today I eat a lot!! This is not a normal 'a lot'. This is an extraordinary 'a lot' hehe.. Ok, let me see..
During the visit to the hospital, they gave us cheese sandwich. Then, on the way back to office, me & my friend had kuey teow goreng. For lunch, I had rice, ikan bakar & vegetables yummieee!! Then, at about 5pm I eat biscuits & coffee hehe.. To make it worse, at 7.30pm I had nasi kerabu wakakakaa!!! Not finish yet!! Ada lagi!! At 10pm, I had bubur pulut hitam (fresh from fridge). Hahahaha... Banyak tak I makan.. Then, I felt guilty of eating too much today, so I dance alone at home for about 2 hours wakakaka... felt guilty la konon... takde maknanyerrr hehe.. That's explain why I gain weight for the pass 1 month huh.. How ar... How ar.. I don't know why... always rasa nak makan je.. I think, if there's Baskin Robin stall in front of my house, for sure I dah belasah cukup2 hehe...

Hmm.. work at office.. x pernah habis. Feel like 24 hours a day is not enough for me. I always want for more. Always want to do my best & always want to do something new. Not for popularity or showing off, but for my own satisfaction. Stress.. it's normal for me already.. already get use to it. Got my own way to overcome it hehe... Dancing does help a lot to release my work stress.

Personal life.. nothing much to say here. Now, very busy with my working life which force me to spend less time for myself & friends. No time to watch movies anymore, window shopping or jalan2. Missed all of that! How I wish I can do all these things like last time. Jalan2, makan2 & have a really big laugh with friends.

There's few things that you guys might want or should know about me:

1. I'm the eldest in my family. I have 3 younger sisters & 3 younger brothers which I love.

2. I've been blessed with a very lovely parents which will do anything for my happiness. They are the one who teach me the importance of education & also the importance to be a good person. They never teach me to be 'kurang ajar' to anyone. If I ada 'terkurang ajar' to anyone, it's from me myself. Nothing to do with my parents.

3. Alhamdulillah. I've been blessed with a good job at a good & big company. Good position also. I really had fun working & learning at the same time. Learning process will never ends when you're working right?! Everyday you'll learn new things :)

4. I hate people who like to 'cakap besar' & 'sombong'. Yea, I do agree that you must have an ego in order to be a successful person. But please use it at the correct time. Malas I nak layan orang macam ni huhuhu..

5. I don't like to bising2 when I'm angry. I'll just keep quiet & do my work without saying anything.I'll be like this if I'm too stressed with work or life.

6. I cannot cry in front of people. I'll cry if there's nobody with me hehe..Don't know why.. I just can't :)

7. I love dancing & listening to music. It's in me since I was a kid.

8. My dreams is to have a balance between my job, social activity & also family. But I think I'm still far from it. Well, for job & social activity ok la.. dah balance I think, although I still want for more hehe... But for family, I don't know. It's hard for me to make up my mind & settle down, or maybe I'm not capable enough to have my own family. I mean... hmmm.. I don't know... Can I really take that big responsbility when I treat my work as no.1?? Can a man live with a woman who is workaholic & will not think of other matter when she's doing her work?? Any answer??

9. I don't like to be hypocrite. If I don't like or hate certain people, I'll show it. I know it's not good to have hatred in yourself, but when somebody did something which hurt me, I'll loose control. Coz, I try my best not to hurt anyone. & I think anyone should not hurt me without any reason.

I think there's a lot more about me... but I dah mengantuk. Nak tidur. Maybe nanti I sambung if ada mood ok!! MUAAAHHHH!!! Take care ya!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Work Work Work..

2:42 a.m :

Here I am, doing my work at office. Not at my office, but at production area to be exact. Why? Hehe...
Just now I was at my office alone until 1 a.m., but after that I jadi takut hehe..
So I join my friend (who work night shift) at the production area.
So panas... no aircond.. but takut punya pasal takpe la... whatever la asalkan kerja I siap kan... I have to submit this very important drawing tomorrow which force me to stay at office until late. Don't want to wait until tomorrow to do it coz takut nanti kelam kabut & I don't like kelam kabut. Nasib baik ada kawan I... takde la I takut sangat hehe..

I reached office at about 11pm as I went to gym before that.. ya la.. how to do my job coz feel very sleepy.. so I decided to go to the gym first so that I can feel fresh again wakakak.. gituu.. Ok tak my theory :)

These few month keep balik lambat dari office.. sometimes 10pm & 12am pun ada... but nevermind coz I get satisfaction from my work.. ya la.. when we have done something excellent, & our boss & management appreciate what we have done.. wahh.. penat pun hilang hehe..
Here are some photos.. hehe... How my table looks like when I do my job at production area hahah..

What a mess hehe..

Yess!! Mission accomplished!!

Peace... mengantuknyerr.. tembam la I kan??!! Hehe..

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have lots of friends.. they always make me happy & smile :)
But there are also friends that makes you cry, sad & angry :(
should we call these people friends?? I don't think so.. we should call them.. hmm.. 'monkey' hahahaha...
just joking.. I'm not that cruel to give bad names to people. It's just not me :)

These are photos of my friends who always cheer me up at gym hehe.. u know there are times when I'm stress coz of work.. but when I'm with them.. stress terus hilang hehe.. feels like one family.
I don't know what they feels about me.. & I don't care. What I know is that, I love them all!! Friendship 4 eva!!

Speaking about friends, I really miss my univesity & school friends!! They are everywhere.. If you all happen to read this, just want you all to know that I really miss those time we spend together & don't forget me ya!! hehe.. I'll always pray for your happiness & success, & I hope you all will pray for me too hehe..

My jam friends, yang kanan skali is Kwan, my best friends :)

These 2 people at the left side are my best attack friends.. Alice & Raymond. Always make me laugh in the class hahahah..

Besides people in this picture, I have other good friends too.
Kim, Elizabeth, Dorris, Eva, Nina, KS, Florence, Jasmine, Teoh & lots more yang I tak berapa remember their names.. Sorry ya!! hehe.. I'm bad in remembering names hehe..

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bye Kak Ros!!

Last 25th June, we had a farewell dinner for Kak Ros, an admin assistant
for my company.
Hope that she will be happy with what she will do after this!
Chaiyo Kak Ros!!

With friends after the dinner hehe..

Pose... cewahhh!!

Ha.. this one takde kena-nengena dengan cerita ni... just wanna put photo of my car ahakss.. cantik tak??!! hehe.. :P

Friday, July 4, 2008

Jam Jam Jam!!

Don't wanna say anything.
Just enjoy the photo ok!! hehe..

Had snacks before the jam starts

With Danny, one of the instructor. He's cool :) & slim down a lot!!

With Shirlyn, the lovely jam instructor :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hanya Di Mercu

Today download many new songs hehe..
But there's a song that I really like.. especially the lyrics.
By Ayu OIAM.. titled Hanya Di Mercu
Kind of motivates me :P
Here is the lyrics.. enjoy!!

Mimpi dan harapan
Bagaikan duri yang mencengkam
Tak pernah terluahkan
Hanyalah di hati tersimpan
Keterbatasan diriku menjadi penghalang

Sampai bila aku bertanya sampai bila
Ku harus mencuba
Bila lagi desak hatiku bila lagi
Aku harus berani

Lalu ku bangkit tegak berdiri
Mengatur langkah ku terus mendaki
Di mercu

Mimpi dan harapan cecita yang tinggi menjulang
Seandainya ku biar cecita dihati tersimpan
Keterbatasan tak wajar menjadi penghalang

Sampai bila aku bertanya sampai bila
Ku harus mencuba
Bila lagi desak hatiku bila lagi
Aku harus berani

Lalu ku bangkit tegak berdiri
Mengatur langkah ku terus mendaki
Di mercu

Aku mencari kekuatan
Dalam kelemahan
Aku temui kejayaan
Dalam keberanian

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Check it baby, get it baby ;-P

Last week, my schedule full!
went to bodyjam launch in Pavilion & Taipan then Sunday went to Melaka to
register for my younger bro. university.
I like when my schedule full like this hehe.. syiok!!
But, quite dissapointed with the launch at Taipan coz my favourite instructor was
not there.. well I thought.. no.. we thought that Jeremy will do the launch.. but I don't know what happen... takde punn!! Huh..

Just now went to Taipan for bodyjam class at 6.45pm.. not so many people, so can do the butterfly jump hehe.. As Raymond (the instructor) said that today is his last class, so I decided to take picture for kenangan with him.. hehe.. so sweet ;)

Hehe.. Nice la this photo.. like it!!

Thought this mosque design is cool.. go & check it out at Ayer Keroh Melaka!!