Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eh! Cepat nyer..

Good bye 2008!! & welcome 2009!!
Cepat betul masa ni kan!! Pejam celik.. pejam celik dah 2009!!

Don't ask me about my 2009 resolution.. coz I don't usually practice that!! hehe.. coz I can have any new target or dream whenever I want (tak payah tunggu tahun baru.. coz sometimes lambat sangat nak tunggu hehe..)

Hey!! A lot had happened during this 2008.. got 'zaman gelap' & 'zaman terang'. But 'zaman gemilang'.. not yet!! Bila nak mai, cheq no idea! Will work hard for that & hope it will come true :D

This month, joined a lot of Bodyjam 47 launch!! Super fun yo!! It started with launch at Truefitness Hartamas, then Fitness First IOI Mall, & lastly Fitness First The Curve. Had lots of fun joining it.. although got confusion right & left hehe.. especially at TF Hartamas (coz 1st time doing member's side). But after that dah ok.. but then new problem will arise, to change back to the other side heheheh.. PADAN MUKA!! hahahah!!

With hardcore jammers at Truefitness :D

At IOI.. I bring along my best 'jam gang' hehe..

With the 'hot' jam instructors at Fitness First The Curve. Time nih, I rasa diri I kecik giler hehe.. Bukan kecik saiz tu!! kecik.. kecik.. isk!! tak paham takpe la!! not important.. :P

These few days, did lots of shopping & eating.. & I like it!! hehe.. Bought new camera, laptop (for my younger bro ya! not for me but use my money isk!), home 'things' at IKEA, Nike outfits (tak habis-habis..) & Celine Dion Live in Las Vegas DVD. Fuyyohh.. this DVD I like the most! U know what?! She can really inspired people by just doing what she do the best which is singing. I wanna be like that also!! I mean, inspiring people to believe in themselves!! hehe.. berangan!!

There's also things that I wanna buy, but tak dapat:
1. Nike dance shoe (the one that I like, no size)
2. iPod Touch (no stock).. iPod Classic (also no stock.. isk!!)
But it's ok, nanti-nanti pun boleh :)

Things that I have to do:
1. Buy the above 2
2. Buy sofa set
3. Buy another laptop for my younger sis. (cap duit betul kakak nyer..)
4. Decorate (lagi & lagi.. tapi tak pandai2) my lovely house
5. Organize my own house warming

Things I wanna do:
* Being myself & hope that people around me can accept me just the way I am. I know.. I know.. different people have different overview & opinion. But I have to face it anyway coz I've chosen this path. Nak tak nak, it's becoming a part of me already & like I said previously, NO TURNING BACK!! So, let it be.. let it be.. wah!! macam nak nyanyi pulak!!

2009!! Here we go!! A new journey of me....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stress ke.. or PMS symptom?? :P

Yesterday was a really stressed day for me.. not sure why.. PMS symptom kot.
Working as usual.. with extra stress coz of one project & because of 'certain people' who is not professional (I'm serious here ok.. not professional at all!! & kind of rude.. tak belajar moral agaknya kat sekolah dulu.. kalau lower level staff takpe la.. boleh la diampunkan lagi.. but this one quite high level la jugak, tapi level I lagi tinggi dari dia ok) sungguh memalukan to have such staff in this big & great company ish ish ish... tak dapek den nak nolong dah!! :P

Lunch time, me & friend went McD.. I told them I wanna eat a lot, but guess what happen. After eating the french fries (I ordered double cheese burger set), dah takde selera. So burger bawak balik la.. I only eat it at about 5.30pm.

I left office late at about 7.00pm. Before that, I was really stress till I wanna cry huhuhu.. but i didn't la.. of course!! (I think if I'm alone at office I will hahaha..)

Went practice at FF Summit, but before that I join Kak Leo's jam class. Time ni tak rasa stress langsung!! Happy jek & I likee!! But after the practice finished, I kena gastrik.. isk isk isk!! langsung tidak suka!! I terus balik rumah, but I can see they are still practicing.. I wish I can stay there & join them talking & practicing more, but dah tak boleh tahan dah!! This gastrik is the result of being too stress ler.. me is like that!! kalau stress biase2 je I ok.. but if sampai kena gastrik (dah lama tak kena gastrik nih!!), that means stress giler2 maut tu!! Must learn more how to overcome the stress nih!! But what to do, we are ladies what!! of course once a month got this symptom hehehe.. but must control ler.. must not let it affect our work!! but how?? how??

This morning, terbangun lambat, but manage to reach office before 8am.. :)
(ha.. jangan cakap I tak mandi pulak yer.. I mandi ok!!! hehe..)
Hope everything will be ok today coz PMS symptom ni kejap jek kan.. (hope so) coz got lots of things to do.. & I need the 'normal me' to finish them all!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bossy?? I don't think so.. :P

Today got a special 'letter' from my company.. & it makes me very happy & thankful!! Alhamdulillah... (don't wanna talk much about it hehehe.. coz it's kind of my personal working achievement hehehe..)

Hey! Yesterday I got a new experience. I did an interview hehe.. maybe for some of u, it is a normal thing to interview people.. but for me it's a new experience!! (I mean in working area la.. dulu time study pernah interview junior for joining clubs hehe..) My dept need an extra man-power, so they ask me to be one of the panel to interview :) Tomorrow & next week got more interviews to handle. I really like it!! :D

Apart from this, got some issues going on also. It's not easy actually to be a superior.. I mean we have to lead staffs & not all of them will like the way we handle things. Ya la, it's hard to satisfy everybody, but my principe is, I'm working for the company (not for the staffs) & I'll do my best to make sure everythings goes smoothly & above expectation. But, if you have a problem with that, come & discuss it with me!! (ini adalah ayat yang marah ok!!) I'm always open to discussion, & that's the way it suppose to be. For God sake, please be profesional coz ur not kids anymore!!

U might think that I'm mean (in certain ways hehe..) but at the end of the day, u'll understand why I did it. If u take it in a -ve way.. it's ur fault then & u'll never succeed. U'll be in ur current position forever coz no matter how good u are, if u have an attitude problem, u cannot go far. If u think that u're the best staff in this company, try to evaluate urself again & again. U might think that the company will cry if u resign.. hey!! no way!! Believe me, once u go, the company will immediately find ur replacement. & at this particular economic situation, hundreds of people will want it!! (kejam tak??!! yes it is kejam!! That's the way things goes now.. like my big boss always said, there's no fairness in this world ok!!)

But if u take it in a +ve way, u'll keep working hard to show that ur really an important asset for the company. Coz for me, that's the most important!! The satisfaction!! That will show how determined u are to succeed. If only a small matter can affects ur work performance, then what will happen if a big problem hits u??!! If u can't handle a small problem like this.. I don't think ur strong enough to handle a bigger responsbility than ur current one.

Believe me!! I've gone through all of this crap!! But I never give up!! & u too should never give up!! Wake up yo!!! For the sake of urself.. not for me, not for the company & not for other people!!! It's for ur own good & ur own future!! Remember that u have the power to change urself okay!!!

Am I being bossy??!! huh.. u know what??!! u can think & say whatever u want, coz I DONT CARE!!! & I DON'T WANNA THINK ABOUT IT!!!

U might think I'll get angry like the above buffalo because of the small tiny tiny problem.. huhuhu.. I'll be the most stupid person if I did!!! tetttt!! u're wrong.. see the picture below ya!!!
See!! I'm happy!! Just like always, & I'll keep it this way. Always happy & cool no matter what strikes me.. :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Birthday

Last 2 weeks, my birthday & it happen to be the first day of bodyjam training. I got many birthday wishes from all the lovely people. Thanks ya!! :)

I did not expect my family will celebrate my birthday this time coz I was like too busy on the training, sampai birthday sendiri pun lupa hehe.. (busy la konon.. hehe..) That night, after the training, I just sit in front of my laptop to revise the choreography for the track assigned to me (that time it was 8pm something.. went back home late coz practice at gym.. kena guna sepenuhnyer mirror kat gym tuh!!).
Suddenly I heard my mum called me, "Ina!! mai makan!!" So I terus keluar dari bilik.. & guess what?! My mum, my dad & my adik-beradik nyanyi lagu birthday kat I!! I was like very terperanjat.. oo.. my birthday ler. Lupa pulak!! I was very happy!! My dad bought all the food (secret recipy chocolate walnut cake - my favorite & satay). I really happy sampai nak nangis hehe..

My Birthday cake :D

Sedap betul makan especially when ur happy hehe..

Ayah nak kek ye.. meh nak suapkan!! hehehe..

Mama nak jugak!!! hehe.. tak nak kalah tuuu.. :P

To my family & lovely people out there... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! for reminding me about my birthday (& for the wish also) hehe.. Love u all from the bottom of my toe.. eh!! silap pulak!! from the bottom of my HEART!!! :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've made it!! Yayyy!! :D

Words can't describe how happy I am now. Not really for passing the bodyjam training, but coz of the GREAT & memorable experience that I went through for the last 3 days. It was really fun & crazy!!

The trainer is Arnold Warren, a Philipines guy. He was great & always look good at what he do. I was really inspired by him!! He said there should be one more trainer but she couldn't make it coz of flu. I knew it!! Fetty, the bodyjam trainer from Indonesia. I really wanna meet her, coz before this I just see her in those instructor's photo in facebook. But what to do.. takde rezeki ler. Arnold said maybe I can see her at the next quarterly workshop :)

With Master Sifu, Arnold :D

With Shiffana.. always make me laugh & she's from Maldives! :D

I've learned a lot!!. But I know, this training is not enough for me to become an instructor, coz there's a lot more to do. & I have to work harder to reach that level. Still far yo!! But I'm looking forward for that!! :)

OK.. OK.. u wanna know what happen during the training right?!
First day, the master class. Fuyyoohh!! Happy that I can do the whole class with the Master Sifu (Arnold) where the members are all 'power2' bodyjam instructors. Really feel their energy & passion yo!! Then after that the theory part. Each of us were given tracks to present the next day. I got track no. 11 (Shut Up & Let Me Go) from the freakin' fakin' house combo. Got the jungle knee & barrel roll jump yo!!

The 2nd day, time for presentation. We have to present it on stage yo!! Fuyyoohh!! Dah mula nervous ni!! hehe.. Arnold said no need to give a perfect cues coz it's our first time. U know what?! I feel good la on the stage hahaha!! & I got a good feedback from Arnold & he did give me suggestion for improvement coz we need to present the same track again in the afternoon huahuahua... but this time with the cues. (He did record my whole presentation.. I should have copied it from him huh..)

Before the 2nd day training ends, he assign us another new track for the final presentation. I got track no.7 from the Samba De Janeiro combo. I got the new track while everybody else got the track that has been presented. Ok lor & got latin jump somemore hiiaaakkkk!!! I was hoping to get the hip hop track coz I love it!! But somebody else ler got it. The training ends quite early so we have more time to practice in front of the mirrors. That day, I slept at 2am practicing my tracks coz during the time at the gym, I sibuk2 pegi practice orang lain punyer track.. PADAN MUKA!! But they ask my help mar.. mestila tolong, plus I like their track wakakaka!!

3rd day (last day of training), starts with the theory part & the technique session then presentation. This part I likeeeeee the most!!! Why?! Why?! Why?! hehehehe...
I got the 2nd track of the Samba de jeneiro combo, which i need to continue from the 1st track. Guess what??!! Master sifu, Arnold said he will do the 1st track with me on the stage & then will let me do my track on my own. WooHoooo!! I feel very honoured for that!! Suker gilerrrrr!!! wakakakaak!!! & it was really fun!!! The feedback session.. good feedback but there's still many areas for me to improve.
Then we got Bodyjam Challenge & party time on the stage!!! :D

With all of them during luch time :D

Result time!! I PASS AS TRAINEE!!! Yayyyy!!! Suker Suker Suker!!! Alhamdulillah!! & Arnold did give me some advice & motivation for me to continue this journey. TQ very much ya!!! Muaaahhhh!! After photo session (tangkap gambar tak hengat!!) we all went dinner at Midvalley but before that I send Master Sifu, Arnold to his place at KL.

Overall, it was a memorable experience for me & I'll keep working hard for this :D
There's a lot lot lot work to do now!!! WoooHooooo!!!

Eheh!! What's this??!! isk isk isk!! :P

Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's coming!! & I wanna be a happy feet!! hehe.. :P

It's coming yo!! WhatTT??!! What's coming??!! :P

I've signed up a bodyjam training & it will be this coming 7th, 8th & 9th (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday).
Why I sign up??!! urrmm.. let me see.. hmm.. tak nak cakap la kenapa!! hehe.. :P

On the 8th is raya haji, & my parents will be here. So kind of sad a little bit coz cannot be with them during that day. But my parents said it's ok coz before this I ask for their permission & blessing first. At first, my dad said "depa tak boleh buat training hari lain ka??.." hehe.. that's my dad.. but finally he's ok with that coz he know her daugter is very stubborn. No matter how he larang me also, I still want it kekeke.. My mum, when I told her about this, terus dia agree without banyak soal hehe.. that's my mum!! always trust me & my judgement :D MuAAaaHHHH!!

U know what?! the 1st day of the training is my special day!! hehe.. why special??!! hehe.. ader ler hikhikhik!! :D

Actually, I have no idea what to expect during the training. Mesti susah kan??!! Macam ngeri je bila fikir pasal this & I know it's not easy to pass the training. How many people joining also I have no idea. huhu..

But I'm so lucky coz there's people out there who really support me. Thanks ya!! I really appreciate it!! Because u all, I have the courage to sign up hehe.. I wanna put those names yg really have encouraged me to do this. They are... teng teng teng!!
A big of applause goes to.... hehehe..
Best friend at gym (Kwan, KS, Aunty Nina & Eva), Kak Shirlyn (she's the one who encourage me to take the training since Bodyjam 45 lagi.. hehe..), Kak Leo (u have given me a new spirit yo!!.. eheh.. rasa mcm gaban pulak!! & tq very much for your support ya!! MuaaaaHHH!!). Ni training belum start tapi ucapan panjang giler wakakaka!! tak kire!! I nak cakap jugak!! sound's like bad gurl huh.. :P & also to Barney coz of those motivations, Jenny for the advice yesterday, Su Yee & Annie who keep updating me about the training.

Other than that, tq also to Su Lin, Clarissa, Jason, Prudent, Jade, Kak Azyei & others who yg maybe I lupa nak state nama kat sini :)
I'll try to do my best la hor.. see what's the result after that!! :)

Things that worried the most for this training:
1. My weight
2. My body shape (especially bahagian hips.. punggung I agakkKk besar ler.. hikhikhik.. anugerah Tuhan hehe..)

Advice that I need now:
1. What else to bring for the training
2. My dance movement.. is it ok?? which area to improve??
3. What's the master trainer expectation??
& banyak lagi soalan yg I dah tak ingat.. huhu..

So.. now I wanna be a 'HAPPY FEET'.. a big species who 'tak hengat dunia' when dancing wakakakaak!!!