Thursday, March 26, 2009

So far so good :)

Hmm... so far so good :)

Have conducted 3 jam classes (replacement) on my own so far :)
It feels good.. but not sure how the members feel. So far, positive feedback. But of course a lot more areas to improve :)

These are classes that I have conducted:
1. FF The Curve, Damansara (TT)
2. FF IOI Mall, Puchong
3. FF Menara Maxis, KL
4. FF Menara Axis, PJ

1. FF Bkt. Tinggi, Klang (Saturday, 12.50pm)
2. FF IOI Mall, Puchong (Monday, 7.40pm)

Hope will get more chance to conduct jam classes. Have to get use to it :)

Last Tuesday, got sick. So didn't go to office. Have a rest the whole day. Thank God that I'm ok already, Alhamdulillah :)

Working life... hmm... SUCKS!! (really felt this way this couple of weeks.. malas lah nak citer. But it's work right. Whatever pun, I have to face it anyway. Coz it's my career!! Yeah, CAREER!! I really mean it. It's not just a work to me. It's my career!!)

Would like to put this photo.. BJ48 Launch at FF Axis :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I'm CLEARED!!! OMG!! Can u believe that?! heheheh..
I'm cleared as jam instructor.. both at TF and FF!!

I know.. I know.. u all might say.. "what's the big deal of being cleared?? coz the journey just begun mar.." kan kan!! u all kata macam tu kan?! dalam hati kan!! jangan tipuuuuu!!

I know that the journey has just begun.. but let me celebrate my clearance first ler.. kasi can ler.. hehehe.. coz it really mean a lot to me!! A LOT!!

The first clearance.. at TF Jaya33. Last 2 weeks :D
Was very suprised at that time.. & happy also. Really can't believe that I've cleared at that time hehehe..

The 2nd one.. pre-clearance at FF.. at my mentor's class. At the Curve yer.. sungguh menakutkan!! Two of my best gym buddies (KS & Mee Kee) followed me to the Curve to support me. Thanks ya!! Can't imagine how nervous I am at that time. Sampai simpang masuk jalan ke the Curve pun I terlepas hahahah!! So funny.. :P
But everything went ok :)
Saw this once I reached there.. OMG!! My name was there!! lagi super nervous!! Huhuhu.. :P

After the pre-clearance.. hehe.. nervous gone already.. but scared for clearance pulak.. huhu..

Then, clearance. At FF BKT, Klang. That day, I'm so moody plus stress with my work. Moody coz.. really miss my parents... rindu tahap gaban yerr.. but I told myself to be strong & to do my best for the clearance. Nervous jugak coz the members there don't really know me.. so, I have no idea what will happen during the class ler. But tak kisah lar.. redah ajer la kan!!
But one thing which is quite funny.. the comment session after my clearance. Comment session yang paling 'emosi' hehehe.. My HT cry wor.. huhu.. At first, when she said I'm cleared, I wanna cry already but I tahan.. then when I see her cry.. huhu.. cannot tahan ler.. tapi still I hold myself from crying hehehe.. Alhamdulillah!! I've CLEARED!!

I would like to take this opportunity here to thank each & everyone who have really encouraged & supported me all this while. Really appreaciate it!! No words can describe how thankful & happy I am... although this is just the beginning :)

This coming Monday (23.3.09) will be my first class (replacement class) at FF IOI Mall, Puchong. Really looking forward for that!! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Konsert Alam M Nasir

Last night, 28th February.. I went to Istana Budaya to watch M Nasir concert with some old friends (university friends). They are the one who ask me to join them. At first, I was like.. hmm.. why not! Coz my first instention is just to meet them all (coz lama tak jumpa) and maybe to release my work stress hehe.. seriously, I need a break ya!!

With the poster.. tak sempat nak tukat baju.. from gym ok!

When I reach there, I was so hungry & tired coz before that got jam tuition, joined step class (to support my friend for his step clearance) & jam class after that haha!! Fun & crazy!! Right before the concert starts, I told my friend to wake me up if I fall asleep during the concert, hehehe.. :P Macam memperkecilkan konsert M Nasir jek kan time nih!!

With friends

But you know what!! I didn't fall asleep at all!! I like all M Nasir performances especially the music arrangement. I even stand up & dance during the last 30 minutes of the show. Can you believe that?! hehehe.. me & one of my friend dance, but others malu-malu ler.. hehehe.. but most of the audience did the same too!! Very sporting yo!!

But one thing for sure, M Nasir sangat handsome & macho... & sexy also.. sangat-sangat ok!! hehehe.. :P

1st Quarter 2009 Lesmills Workshop

22nd February.. my first Lesmills workshop.

New experience for me.. Reach there ay about 11am.. actually, my original plan is to join attack at 8.30am, but didn't manage to go there that early. After my Subuh pray, I sleep again. Tak larat coz that night I went home at about 2am coz went 'lepak' with friends hehehe.. padan mukan kan!! :P

But I manage to join the step class. The new step.. FUN!! I like it!
Before the step, I met my Jam Master Sifu, Arnold. Happy can meet him. He tells me & other instructor who were there at that time about Bodyjam 48, & he ask us about feedback on the current release BJ47. & one more, at last, I met Fetty!! yayyyy!! :D

About the new BJ48.. WOW!! I like it!! (Mana ada I pernah tak suka Bodyjam hehehe..) With all the new movement.. the musics.. The UF OH.. all I like lah!! & I like the feel doing the bodyjam with all the 'otai' instructors.. suker suker!! So now, I'm in the process of downloading the new BJ48 in my brain hehe.. & with a condition that the BJ47 which have been saved in my brain is not deleted hahaha!! so the 'programming' kan!! hehe.. :P
With most of the jam instructors during the workshop

Hmm.. a litte bit about my life as a bodyjam trainee.. hmm.. now working hard to improve my weakness (technique & voice projection).. hope can improve that within the time frame that I've planned. You all pray for me ya!!! :)

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season III.. I watched it!!

Yeah.. I watched it!! Last 19th February :)

For me, it was brilliant coz it was my first time watching it. It's worth for me to spend RM178 (originally RM253, but I got 30% student discount. I'm a Master student what.. hehe..) to watch the show.

Went there with my office mate. You now what?! I really like the 'Gusti Adipati' character coz each time he performs, so scary yer. I think A.C. Mizal should get an award for that!! Don't you think so?! :)

Puteri Gunung Ledang.. hmm... ok la. But I think she can do much better than that. I mean her voice not so nice when singing ler hehehe.. sengau sket. But ok la.. But I still think that other atress can do it much better than her.

Hang Tuah.. hmm.. ok la. But her pronounciation for Bahasa Melayu dulu2 amat tidak memuaskan yer.. I still can hear the English slang. Until now, I still think that M Nasir can do it much more better.. I mean much much more better that him hahaha!! :D

But overall, it was a really successfull musical theatre. With all the technical aspects & the dancers. When all of it combines in one show.. SUPERB!! & that night, Pak Lah (Prime Minister) was also there watching it. I sit just in front of him hehe.. Never in my life sitting that close to him :) His bodyguard very handsome hahaha!! Sempat lagi yer.. hehehe.. :P
In the hall, waiting for the show to start

With my office mate in front of the PGL banner :)