Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teng Teng Teng!!!

Just finished preparing the tracks for jam class for this week. & now can't sleep. So decided to write something here. There's so many things that I wanna put here, but I don't think I'm able to do it, coz too many ler. Nanti jadi esei spm pulak!! hehe.. :P

1. Got a very good & happy news from Kak Leo last Sunday. Happy giler yer!! Three of them deserve to be on that stage. I'm so proud to see the 'kakaks-kakaks' finally got to be the presenter & I'm looking forward for the coming lesmills quarterly workshop!! Can't wait!! :D
I really hope one day I can be a very good bodyjam instructors just like them. These 3 ladies always inpired me to work harder & cherish all te experiences that I got all this while. I respect & love them (I don't know whether they love me or not... but I nak love them jugak!! tak kire!! tak kire!! gituuuu.. boleh?! hehe..) *Now I start to cry already.. Oh!! stop it!! takde keje ke pepagi buta nak nangis pulak!! Hish!!*

2. Still receive calls for replacing jam class. Alhamdulillah. I like it coz I got to learn how to communicate more with the members. Different place got different kind of members.. so I have to adapt myself to different kind of situtation. So far so good :) coz they always said that the key is "JUST BE YOURSELF" & that is what I did :)

3. Last Sunday had a dinner with my mum. So happy coz I really miss her & also my dad. But my dad takde.. Can't wait for May to come as my parents will come here hehe.. Sukerr sangat!! :D

4. Attended 2 days training (work related). It was a very interesting training, as we learn how to use a new software in order to enhance problem solving process. Can't wait to attend the 2nd & 3rd module which will be held next month & June. & of course bila training, makan pun banyak ler hehe.. :P

5. Attended kind of farewell dinner for Jason & Barney at Bubba Gump, Subang. Most of TF instrutors were there. But for me, it was an instructors gathering event, coz I'll see both of them again after this :)

5. I've finally found someone?? Or 'someone' has finally found me??
The answer is.. hmm.. don't know!! heeeeee... :P
(Very contradict with my previous entry kan!! Well, sometimes things just happen.. which is out of my control.. rite??!!) But the fact is.. I'm starting to missing someone.. heeeeee.. :) so weired hor..

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm just being myself :-)

Last week was a fun & crazy week for me.. Why??

Coz I got a chance to do Bodyjam 48+ at FF IOI...
The class was full of people.. Quite a lot members joined jam 48+. Everybody were so excited to try it hehe.. & they went super crazy especially on the turning part hehehe.. FUN!! & tired also hehe.. :P

& also do the so called Bodyjam 48+ mini launch at Menara Maxis (asked by Jackson). At first, he said I will do it with one more instructor, but he can't find anybody who can do it. So, I have to do it alone. But it was super fun too!!
Also fun & crazy.. again, the turning make them shout hehehe.. coz the turning part for Jive 2009 quite fast for them to catch up. But whatever it is, the most important is that, they got to work out & at the same time have fun rite?! :D

Last Tuesday, had a Ladies Dance Party at office & also Birthday celebration for Kak Su. It started at about 5.45pm & ends at 7.00pm..
With friends after the Ladies Dance Party.. hehe.. Nampak kurus ler dalam photo ni.. hehe.. :P (I suker!)

Then rushing to Cheras for jam replacement class at FF Leisuremall (9.00pm). It was my first time teaching there, so quite nervous. There were lots of jammers joining.. (I didn't know that FF Leisuremall got so many jammers hehe.. coz I never went there b4 this). Woohoo!! & most of them prefer to do jam 48 basic. Those jammers are 'cool' also coz they can go crazy especially with the Jive 2009 & also UF OH!. Cayalah!! Me.. fuuhh.. super tired!! But I had fun!!:D

Friday, went cinema for 'Jangan Tegur'. Takut yerrr.. Me as always, sure close my eyes everytime the ghost appears.. & shout whenever I terkejut. Then after that, had supper with those so called 'crazy otai gang'. I laugh a lot yerrr.. dah lama tak gelak camtu. I really had fun!! Thanks ya!! :D
These are really crazy people hehe.. :D

Saturday, had a really nice Japanese dinner with so called 'hardcore jammers' (Mee Kee, Daphne, Harvin, Sue Soo & Jenny) at Uptown Damansara. Had a great laugh & gossips too.. hehe.. I LIKE gossips whakakaka!! :P
With Mee Kee before the food comes. Super hungry at that time. Me.. super tired!! But they all make me feel fresh, like always :D

OK.. now change the topic.. it goes..

My work: OK.. so far so good. Takde rasa 'sucks' dah hehe.. learn from my mistake & I'll do things that I suppose to do & will ignore everything that will disturb my brain from thinking logically hehe.. had practiced this already & guess what?! It works!! I'm super happy with my job!! Yahooo!! :D

Personal life a.k.a love life ler tu hehe..: Got a few 'very nice' guy. Hmm.. but I think they are just 'playing around'. Me too still in 'playing around' mode. Wanna enjoy my life first, coz I don't think I can commit to a serious relationship yet. It's not that I don't want, but I think, the time hasn't come yet for me to get involve with somebody hehe.. So, I'm still far from it ya!! Don't ask me why.. hehe.. :P


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yellow Bodyjam Theme Class

Hey friends!! :D

Just now, had a great time conducting jam class at Menara Maxis, KL. With all the 'crazzeeyy' jam members. The theme colour for this week is yellow as choosen by them last week. Although I felt a little bit tired during the class today, I really push myself to the limit.. but I think I can push it harder hehehe.. Really like these members attitude. They are really crazy in jam.. seriously!!

Really wanna thank Kak Ju & the GXC for giving me chance to conduct jam class there. So, I'll be replacing jam at Menara Maxis, every Wednesday, 7.40pm for the whole April. So far so good. The members & GXC there gave me good feedback, & I'll sure work harder to be better & better each time. Not only in this club, but also other club as well. Coz I get the satisfaction :D which I'm looking for. Below are those photos that have been taken after the jam class at Maxis :)
UF OH! with the members there.. some of them went back already, tak sempat take photo :)
Drink & chit-chatting session with some of the hardcore jammers there

After that, rushed to Taipan to meet my beloved Aunty Nina & also Eva, as she came here for an interview. Rindu betul!! :) Lama betul tak jumpa yer..
I miss this lady so much!! :)

So now.. besides replacing class at Menara Maxis, I also have another replacement class for the whole April which is at IOI, every Monday, 7.40pm. As next week we'll be teaching the BJ48 Advanced, I have planned with the member to have a theme class at IOI. Red colour hehehe..
& the GXC at Menara Maxis had asked me to do the launch for BJ48 Advance there... so the colour for the launch will be blue :) I'll be doing it with one more jam instructor :) Really looking forward for that!!

Besides this, I also wish that I can get more chance to do jam class at Truefitness. Last Saturday was my first class there at Taipan. Interesting, as some of the members really can shout & go crazy especially during the UF OH! block :D