Thursday, September 18, 2008

I like this one!! Really like!!

Just now went to hospital coz got appointment with the specialist there.
Guess what??!!
On the way to the parking area (time ni nak balik office dah), I saw a really really really nice sport rim!! wahhHHhh.. I pun terus take out my PDA & took a picture of that super duper nice & stylo sport rim. Well, the car is nice also but I'm not really interested in the car. I was like... why on earth that I baru jumpa sport rim ni.. HUWAAA!!! If I happen to see it earlier, for sure I've bought it already hehe..
Now have to find ways to change my sport rim.. hehehe..

Nice right!! Bling Bling gituu.. hehe..

Ha.. this is mine.. now la for the time being.. hehe.. mcm langit ngan bumi kan bezanya!! HuwaaAAaaa!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Motivation for me & friends :)

Hope these photos can help to motivate me & I'll be happy if they can motivate all of u too.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm ready for Puasa (",)

Yup!! I'm ready for it!!
Hope can still join bodyjam although puasa.. try la hor..
& hope this puasa will teach me to be more patient & able to forgive
& forget other people's mistake & bad doings hehe..
Although sometimes it's hard to do that, but I believe that's the best
thing to do. You know what I mean..
When something bad happen to you, & you think that you cannot accept & face
it. Then after that, when you take a deep breath & think about it again & again..
it made you realize that it's not that bad actually. There's other people out there
who's problem are worst than you. Then you realize that it's not the end of the world coz there's a lot more that you can do. Coz at the end of the day, your happiness is the most important right?!
So, now here I am.. a new me with a new vision & dream to achieve!! cewahh..
So people out there, you better watch out for me hahaha!!
There's no such term as 'giving up' in my dictionary anymore & I'll do all that I can
to get what I want!!
Wahh.. tiba2 bersemangat betul I!! ;p

Just wanna put photo of one of those people who have been with me when I'm happy
& sad. Who always been there when I need somebody to talk to & the most important is.. she's crazy in dancing hehehe.. & she always said that she will be happy when see me dancing.. it's good to know that you have made somebody happy by just moving your body to the music :) I love you Aunty Nina!!! You always made my day :)