Friday, May 14, 2010

Wedding mood

I'm sooo in the wedding mood!!
Everything ready for the wedding already!!
Me can't wait to witness the ceremony!!
Tonight we all will be flying to the Golden Sand. Yayy!
**Orang lain nak kawen, aku pulak yg excited. Eheee..**

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lince Dance Funk

I've recently join Line Dance Funk (LDF) classes. I've actually have joined it last 2 years at one of the club at Subang, where the class is called Funky Line. The class is superb as I can just add my own style to the dance which the step will be taught by the instructor at the beginning of each song. Plus the studio has mirrors everywhere which makes it more interesting hahahaa.. :P

But I've stopped joining it as I'm too busy with my bodyjam class. Plus, I still think that bodyjam is more interesting compared to this Funky Line (No offence okay. This is just my personal preference & opinion..)

Just last week, I've joined Kak Leo for the LDF class at one of the club at Klang. Well, as you know, I love dancing & dancing is one of the way for me to release stress, especially work stress & errr.. life stress I guess. At first I was like.. Ermmm.. matilaa coz I don't know the step as the instructor will only teach 3 new steps for 3 new songs, & then he will just turn on the music & the members will dance non-stop (bare in mind that the class is a 1.5 hour class). This is because they are regulars & they know the steps already.

I know some of the LDF members there, & they were so kind & helpful in terms of teaching me those steps. I can say that, I can get some of the steps easily, but there's certain steps which is so difficult for me to catch it for the first time. But I didn't stop of courseeeee.. I just dance & did my own step hahahaaa.. :P But it was fun!!! I really had a good time dancing, singing & shouting heeeee..

Bernard (the instructor) also was so supportive during the class (I know him quite long time ago as he joined my bodyjam class once, when I did a bodyjam replacement class there) The funny part is.. When he ask the members "R u ok?" Then I will shout "NOOOOO!!!" heheheeee..

Although I think that bodyjam is more fun than this LDF, but I strongly believe that I will still join this class for fun. I really enjoy dancing (if I know the step laarr..) like nobody's business with all those members. Plus the members are so supportive also! :D
Imagining me dancing like this in the class! Woohooo!! Heheheheeee.. :P