Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Enough Is Enough

I will not compromise with people who annoyes me & trying to make fool of me & my friends!!
U mess with me, then I give u what u deserved.
I've had more than enough stress from my work, personal life & so on. So don't make it worse by adding more stress to me.

Don't talk about friendship, if u don't know how to treat ur friends.
Don't talk about life, coz u live in ur own world, & u expect people to live in it as well. Hey!! Hell no for me okay!!
Don't teach people how to treat others when u urself don't even know how to treat a nice friend of urs.

I've made my decision, & it's final. Say whatever u wanna say, coz I don't care. I'm proud to be myself & I'm just being 'ME'.
I don't wanna fool myself by being a 'toy' to someone which at first I thought can be a good friend, but suddenly turn out to be some sort of an annoying creature which my brain can't even think a name for it.
I've had enough of this 'stupid & childish' thing & I just can't take it anymore!!
Goodbye!! hehehe.. :P

Sound so serious hor.. hmm.. it is serious.. but after I publish this entry, I will not think about this anymore.. & I'll be happy as always & try to enjoy my life to the fullest!! yayyy!! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kumohon... :-)

This song by Sheila Majid.. I just like the lyrics :-)
coz we can just plan.. but at the end of the day, He's the one who will decide whether the plan is the best for us or not...

"Setiap hari kumohon
Agar Kau sentiasa
Memberiku ketenangan dalam hati kekuatan
Menempuhi segala dugaan yang mencabar ini
Pasti punya ertinya

Engkau beriku harapan
Menjawab segala persoalan
Hadapi semua dengan tenang
Dengan merasa kesyukuran
Ku doa Kau selalu
Mengawasi gerak-geriku
Berkatilah ku perlu rahmat dari Mu

Oh Tuhan terangkan hati dalam sanubariku
Untuk menempuhi segala hidup penuh cabaran ini
Oh Tuhan ku berserah segalanya kepadamu
Agar jiwaku tenang dengan bimbingan Mu selalu

Ada kalanya ku merasa hidup ini seperti kaca
Jikalau tidak bersabar
Hancur berderailah akhirnya
Tabahkanlah hatiku
Melalui semua itu... Ooh...
Cekalkanlah diriku

Curahkanlah nikmat Mu pada hidupku"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Miracle '09 & Dik Rezal's Birthday Dinner

I still remember when I first started this blog.. It is about FF Miracle '08. I was just a member joining the bodyjam session at that time.. remember the photo I posted?? hehehe.. & guess what?! This year, I got a chance to shadow in the bodyjam session for the Miracle!! :D
After all the practices & sweat.. I'm satisfied.. & happy!! yeayyyy!!!

& Sunday.. Dik Rezal birthday dinner.. what a nice weekend for me :)

& now I'm happy to go on with my life with a new challenge & hope something interesting will happen to me.. I hope.. I hope.. & I believe.. I believe it will happen.. :)