Sunday, November 30, 2008

I like my new place :)

I dah pindahhHHHhhh!!! Yayyy!! Suke giler ni!! wakakaka!!
suka la coz I'm moving to a place which I bought myself.. hasil titik peluh I selama ni tau!! (berpeluh ke??..) ahaksss.. before this, live kat rumah sewa tak syiok la, coz it's not my own house. But now, I can do whatever I want to make it as 'My Home My Heaven' :D

But yg tak bestnyer, duit banyak habis ler.. huhu.. buat makeover lagi.. bought furniture lagi.. shopping for isi perut rumah lagi.. pay 'that guy' to add wiring lagi.. painting lagi & macam2 lagi la.. but ok la, coz puas hati coz everything went smoothly according to plan.. the timing just nice :D after this no need to worry about this anymore.. u know what?! This Friday, ada orang nak audit rumah baru I tau.. guess who?!! guess la!! tak nak cakap!! guess la dulu.. heheh..
teng teng teng!! parents I ler.. They'll come here this Friday to check whether I can handle this 'move out move in' thing.. hehe.. But I'm confident this time punyer audit sure I dapat 'A' heheh.. coz I think I did quite a good job!! (with the help of my 2 younger brothers. TQ!! MuaaHHhh!!) I'm sure they will 'terpegun' when they reach here this Friday :D

Ni ada foto sikit.. hehe.. sape2 yg berminat nak buat camni, don't hesitate to call me ya!! I can introduce u to this pakcik :) very reasonable price & 100% satisfaction gua cakap sama luuuUUuuu.. :D

Friends dah tanya bila nak buat house warming.. hehe.. sabo sket yer.. nanti after christmas insyaAllah I buat.. coz kena plan betul2.. ramai yg nak kena jemput.. kawan2 kerja, kawan2 universiti & sekolah, kawan2 gym & jiran2 tetangga.. so kena la buat banyak & different kind of house warming kan.. tak gitu??.. so friends (yg ada baca blog I ni..), be patient ya!! I'll invite u all ok!! :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bodtstep Challenge (25 Nov 2008) & Bodyjam Hip Hop Gansta (26 Nov 2008)

Last Tuesday, joined the Bodystep Challenge at Truefitness Pavilion, KL. Had fun there doing step for 1.5 hours. Not really tiring (coz some of the steps I tak tau hehe..) & I only know a few people. The challenge starts at 8pm & there's bodyjam class at the other studio which starts at 7.45pm. The instructor Danny saw me waiting outside, so he ask me to join the bodyjam first hehe.. so I apa lagi!! I join la hehehe.. I didn't take any picture during the step challenge. Only after the class over baru I ambil gambar hehe..

Nice photo.. I like! :D

I had fun joining this hip hop theme class at Fitness First Menara Axis!! :D
With the fun people there also :)

With the hardcore bodyjam member there :)

I like this one too :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bodyjam Salsa Fiesta - Syyiiiookkkk!! :D

I lurveeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEeee dancing!!! love it love it love it!!! Muahhhh muaahhh muaaahhh!! hehe..

Just now (7.50pm) went to Bodyjam Salsa Fiesta Theme Class at Fitness First Summit!! Hot! Hot! Hot! wa cakap sama luuu.. All the single tracks I like.. Dah lama jugak tak buat track2 tu.. especially my favorite adrenalina, labamba, & banyak lagi which I don't know the track title. Leo & Anthony (instructors) really make us dance to the maX!! don't want to cerita lebih2.. let the photos explain it all ya! :D

With Kak Anita & KaK Leo before the class (hmm.. confuse ni.. should I call her Kak Leo or Leo.. kejap2 I panggil akak, kejap2 panggil Kak Leo & kejap2 panggil Leo.. dunno la hehe..)

Really like this photo hehe.. nice :)

Everybody say 'cheeseeEEeee..' :D

Now can't wait to join the Hip Hop Gasta Bodyjam Theme Class at Fitness First Menara Axis pulak this Wednesday hehe.. (I got many new friends there.. very nice people especially Kak Anita. They are really crazy when doing bodyjam!! I likeee!! macam dah lama je kenal hehe..) But before that, tomorrow will join the Bodystep Challenge (Barney & Anita) at Truefitness Pavilion KL :D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jalan-jalan cari.. 'barang'

Today went 'hunting' for furnitures & curtain. Time dah suntuk ni coz according to plan next week nak pindah.. but so many things tak settle lagi hehe.. so the 'kelam-kabut' ler :P

First, went to buy paint as tomorrow 'orang tu' will start the painting work. Then went to find suitable furnitures especially bedroom set & sofas. Guess what?! Banyak yang I tengok furnitures tu, but I end up ordering a 'so nice' curtain set from SSF curtain hehe.. very lovely... I like!! :D Sofas & bedroom set.. satu pun I tak beli coz berpinar mata I tengok.. semua cantik!! Takkan nak beli semua kan!! Mana nak cekup duit hehehe..

Cantik tak?? Tak!! Not my taste ler!! :P

This one ok tak?? Hmm.. ok la!! Quite nice :)

This one tak payah tanya.. I like this one!!! So nice but the price also 'so the niceeeEEeee!!' :P

Yang ni.. 'yang sedang-sedang saja..' hehe..

The curtain that I ordered.. tak dapat ambil gambar.. coz my PDA out of battery already :(
I had lots of fun hunting for these things although this is my 1st experience, & I wanna do this again & again & again hehe.. :D

Friday, November 21, 2008


Just now joined attack class at 9.05pm-10.05pm.. guess what happened!!
I kena buli huwaaAAaaaa!!! this time memang kena buli cukup2..
ok la.. the story goes like this..

This attack class on Thursday.. memang I selalu join. The instructor is Prudent. But tonite, it's Hazrin. I'm ok with that.. tak kisah asalkan I boleh workout :D
1st track.. I'm ok.. like always cool je hehe.. (cool la konon). 2nd track.. dah rasa macam kaki nak sakit je.. but I continue je.. 3rd track.. kaki I sakit giler.. especially kat tapak kaki tu.. sakitnyerrrrrr!!! so at this moment la this BULI episode begin hehe.. macam drama pulak.

This instructor came to me & said "HIGH KNEE!! HIGH KNEE!!" OMG!! I pun buat la & jerit2 dah.. scream la coz kaki I sakit mar!! Then jumping.. he ask me to jump higher & higher!! At this part, everybody were looking at the 'not so nice' scene where I try to jump higher (dgn kaki I yg sakit) sambil I jerit & gelak2 hahaha.. u might think that's the end right?! tetttt!! wrong!! got some more!!
Track no. 8 I think.. got high knee lagi.. This instructor came to me again & scream again.. "HIGH KNEE HIGH KNEE" while putting his hands paras shoulder I & ask me to do high knee sampai kena his hands.. waaa!! this one lagi crazy!! dah la I ni pendek.. lagi nak suruh I buat tinggi2!! Oh.. sakit giler kaki ni!! how how how??!!
Time ni, bila this instructor tengok tempat lain.. I curi2 ayam la, apa lagi!! but when he look at me.. I buat betul2 hehe.. coz nanti dia jerit lagi.. nasib baik dia tak tau nama I.. kalau dia tau.. huh.. :S

After the class, went minum at kopitiam with Kim & Sam. Before that (after attack class), both of them had some discussion with Hazrin.. u know what Hazrin said to them!! He said, "Eh! I like to bully that girl la!!" & 'that girl' is ME!!! Kim & Sam keep laughing at me masa kat kopitiam tu.. isk isk isk!! Rasa macam nak nyorok je kat bawah meja tu.. :P

As a conclusion, I kena buli teruk today huhu.. :P
But I think, lagi bagus if he bully that pakcik2 & some of the gurly girls tu.. coz diorg lagi curi2 ayam compared to me hehe.. but ok la.. coz I feel good after the class :D coz can finish it although kaki sakit hehe..

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Treasure Hunt: Shah Alam to Bkt Tinggi

Dah lama Treasure Hunt ni.. but I baru ada time nak update my blog.. so here we go.. my experience..
This treasure hunt was organized by UMW Club. Ala-ala Amazing Race gitu. So really different from the past one ler.
First, we have to gather in the auditorium where we have to identify the place shown in the big screen.

Tau tak u all kat mana tempat tu.. Batu Caves ler.. pandai pun!! :P

So, this time around, they did not give all the questions at the starting point. We have to get the clue at each pit stop that we go & we have to find the pit stop based on the clue given before that. Sound's tough huh.. Yeah, it's quite tough but fun!!

I malas la nak tulis banyak2 ni.. hehe.. so to cut it short, the pit stop that we have to go.. Riverstone Resort, 7eleven at Ulu Yam, Sg. Batangkali, Lim Goh Tong town, McD Genting Sepah, Zaini Resort Janda Baik (not sure janda ni betul2 baik or not hehe.. here one person in each team has to eat 10 big banana.. nasib baik bukan I yang kena hehe..), Dusun Resort (have to do flying fox in order to get the next clue), Petronas Petrol Station nearby Bkt Tinggi (we have to paint one of our member's face by referring to the photo given to get the next clue) & the final pit stop at Selesa Hillhomes Resort.. yayyy!! Our team was the last team to arrived before they close their counter for answer submission. U know what?! Only 27 teams out of 63 managed to complete the tasks & submit the answers. The rest, so sad, diorang sampai not in the given time, so tak dapat hantar la jawapan.. so sad kan. kan.. kan.. :(
& guess what, my team dapat no.7!! yayyy!! apa lagi!! naik pentas dapat hadiah ler.. :D cash money!! :D

At night, got barbeque dinner & then karaoke session. Next morning, after breakfast, they organize sukaneka.. That time I dah sakit perut.. so I balik to my room & tido wakakaka.. membuta la apa lagi hik hik hik..

But to tell u all the truth, this treasure hunt was really fun.. full of adventure especially when u have to drive fast at the bukit2 area & jalan sempit & hujan lebat giler.. huhu.. Rasa macam Amazinf Race yo!! Ish.. kan best kalau I dapat masuk Amazing Race!! :D

My team.. semua tu pakcik2.. hehe.. very 'cool' pakcik :P

Friday, November 14, 2008


I feel so happy!! because...
1. My new home dah nak dekat siap.. skrg tgh buat plaster syiling & painting.. then boleh move in!! yayyy!! :D
2. I got new sister.. not one but two very lovely, talented, sincere & profesional sisters.. Muuaahhhh!! Hope can tambah lagi to 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or more.. hehe.. :D
3. Less stress at workplace now hik hik hik.. ;p
4. Will be joining another treasure hunt from Shah Alam to Bkt Tinggi Pahang.. this one ala-ala Amazing Race.. can't wait!! :D
5. I get to join more Bodyjam class now (my all time favorite class YO!!) :D
6. I can express myself more & more everyday :D
7. Everyday is a better day for me :D
8. "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING".. my favorite tagline :D
9. I'm moving forward every day.. & no turning back! :D
10. My family is always with me when I need them.. & I'm trying to be a good daughter to my parents & also a good sister to my siblings :D

I feel a little bit stupid because..
I wrongly stated that Bkt Tinggi in Perak... huhuhu.. very wrong!!.. ni fail geografi nih!! hehehe.. Bkt Tinggi is actually in Pahang lar.. ish ish ish!! ni blaja degree kat mana ntah ni.. sampai geografi pun fail hehe..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

TopGear Treasure Hunt - Hunting, Thinking, Screaming, Laughing & Crazy'ing'.. ehehe

The TopGear Treasure Hunt.. from Subang to Penang.. nothing more can I say.. except it was a crazy hunt & also full of fun & suprise :D
Really enjoyed the hunt, eventhough I'm the only in the group who has the 'hunting' experience before, whereas 3 of my friends are first timer. It doesn't matter actually, coz we had lots of fun finding & cracking our head for the answer.. & sometimes laughing coz of our stupidity.. & also laughing at other teams yang cari jawapan tak dapat2 hehehe.. one thing that we have learned here is that.. don't ever jump into conclusion too fast.. coz it might kill u (meaning boleh buat u kalah ler.. ehehehe..)

My team.. No.42.. One of the participant ask.. "U all dari sekolah mana?" Ciss!! ada nampak kitorang macam budak2 ker.. huhu..

We start the hunt at about 7.30am from Subang (I woke up at 6.00am.. only had 3hrs sleep coz I sleep at about 3am.. ehehe.. ya la.. reached home pun dah pukul 1am lebih coz before that I brief my groups on what's gonna happen during the hunt. Then to make it more worse, I yang 'degil' ni don't wanna take rest after office hour. Went to bodyjam class at Taipan & then at Jaya hehehe.. back to back yo!! I likeee!!

The first tulip start at Tol Subang, then heading to our first treasure hunt at Tg. Malim (eh lupa plak.. In this treasure hunt, I be the navigator.. ni penting ni.. u all kena tau I jadi apa hehehe..). Well, the first 5 questions quite easy hehe.. which makes 3 of my friends dah 'over confident' heheh.. very funny at this time :) I've used to this situation already, so I just laugh hahaha.. To tell you all the truth, after 3 years I've been active in this 'Treasure Hunt' arena.. cewahh.. arena gituu.. ehehe.. I felt that this treasure hunt is the toughest so far. The question is more tricky than before & you have to really crack your head to get the correct answer. & of course you have to know a lot about cars.. ya la.. TopGear mar.. what u expect??!! takkan dia nak tanya soalan cinderella or snow white kot?.. hehehe.. ;p

hehe.. khusyuk tak I tulis jawapan... hehe.. focus la konon tuu.. :)

2nd hunting at Ipoh, then Parit Buntar & the pit stop at Kawasan Rehat Sg. Bakap.. We have 5 treasures to bring back & also right after we reach the pit stop, there's another challenge which we were given the latest TopGear magazine, & we have to answer 5 questions where the answers are all inside the magazine. So, too bad la to those who didn't read it.. which includes my team hahaha.. but we manage to answer only 3 questions.. ok la ha.. beter than nothing hehehe..

From Sg. Bakap, we go straight to Penang. We stay at Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel at Tg. Bungah nearby Batu Feringgi. Very comfortable.. me & my friend got the room at Level 24.. so the view is very nice especially the beach.. really like it!! Wish I can go there again with my family.. InsyaAllah one day I'll bring my family bercuti kat situ ye.. heheh..

Penang!! Here we come!! :D

The room at Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel. Nice right the room.. very comfortable!! :)

Cantik tak the view.. that one from my room at the hotel :)

At night, we had buffet dinner & also price giving ceremony. Before that, they reveal all the answers. hehehe... everybody keep laughing during this session.. hahaha.. You must be asking.. did my team win?? hehehe.. NO!! we didn't. But we had lots of fun.. & it's good for 3 of my friends as they are first timer, & I can see that they really interested in this activity. For me, of course I wanna win, eventhough our first objective of joining this event is just for fun. Coz before this, me & my hardcore team always get Top 10 in whichever treasure hunt we joined. hehehe.. but ok la.. as a warm up coz this coming Saturday & Sunday, I'll be joining another treasure hunt.. haa.. this time with my hardcore team hehe... hope that we'll win this time :D

Last but not least.. me with the TopGear & MixFM team who has successfully organized the event.. Congrats guys!! My team member don't want to join me take picture with them.. huhu.. malu ler tu.. I je yg tak malu hehehe..

Sunday, after breakfast, we had a photography session & then I decide to go back to my hometown (SP) before heading back to Shah Alam at night. So good dapat jumpa mama & ayah & adik2.. & mosy important dapat makan masakan mama yang very the delicous..hmm.. yummmiieee!! hehehe..
Now looking forward for the next treasure hunt.. which is from Shah Alam to Bkt Tinggi Perak.. WoooHHoooo!!! :D

Thursday, November 6, 2008

TopGear Treasure Hunt - Briefing

Today had a first TopGear Treasure Hunt briefing at Women's Institute of Management at TTDI.. at first, I ask myself, tempat ni kat mana?? I've no idea.. rupa-rupanya dekat-dekat dengan 1 utama :) so worried that I'll get lost coz u know la.. i ni suka sangat la sesat jalan.. terlepas simpang & yang sewaktu dengannya hehehe.. but Alhamdulillah I manage to get there b4 7pm with the help of so many friends.. TQ ya!! Muaaahhh!! :D

The map that my friend draw for me help a lot :)

I represent 4 of us in a team coz 2 of my team members will only arrive here from Penang tomorrow night, & the other one outstation at Melaka.. so I'm alone la hehe.. so before the briefing started, they gave us all the car stickers, lanyard & goodie bags :D Nothing much to say about the briefing coz macam biase la.. macam briefing treasure hunt yg u all selalu pergi tu la.. nothing different :) so now, my car is full of all the goodie bags as u can see in the photo below...

This fun event will start at Subang & end at Penang.. hehe.. Sabtu.. oohh Sabtu.. cepatla datang.. I dah tak sabar2 nak treasure hunting ni hehehee... ;p

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Work Baby Work!!!

Bz again as always.. hehe.. after work, went to gym for my favourite class.. jam (of course!!), attack & kadang2 step :)
Last Friday, went so crazy coz I joined 3 classes in a row.. woohoo!! I joined step, then attack (both Barney class) & then jam (Shirlyn). Fuuyyoohh!! penat giler gua cakap sama lu!! During jam, Shirlyn did a lot of cardio tracks.. huhuh.. I dah penat giler time tu.. then Shirlyn keep looking at me.. (aiyoh this sista, don't look at me lar.. i penat tau!! & hungry also!!) but I did not stop.. just continue doing all the cardio movements... so crazy.. of course I cannot stop!! coz if I stop, & Shirlyn saw that, nanti dia panggil nama I kuat2!! huhuhu.. don't want 'publisiti murahan' macam tu hehehe..

Yesterday (Tuesday) went 'ice breaking' hehehe.. this one certain people je yang faham hahaha.. investment for a bigger opportunity (told ya!! it's not easy for me to be involved in this area.. but I still want to do it!! tak kire!! nak jugakKKkk!!! hehe..) I don't mind sacrifying some amount of money just to get what I want.. coz I don't want to feel regret if I didn't try at all :)

Tonite, went to gym for Jeremy's jam class!! Best gilerrr!! Plus besides me is Harvin, the member yang terer dancing. I like when dancing with people who's energetic & have passion in it. So, all of us really went crazy, coz most of the tracks are high cardio tracks. WOOHOO!! Fun fun fun!!! Got one aunty (Sally - line dancing hardcore member) said to me 'If u dance like this, sure u will kurus'... hahahaha.. makes me wanna laugh at that time. Dalam hati I cakap 'Oh Aunty Sally!! I always join jam class lar!! & always dance like this!! but tak kurus2 pun!!!' hehehe.. but I did not cakap macam tu la kat dia. I just laugh at her.
After class, Kim & Kathy ask me to join them for drink, but I tak nak.. I said wanna go home coz wanna sleep early heheh.. tipuuuuuu!!! I memang penipuuu... tapi I tipu sikit je hehehe.. actually I x nak ikut coz don't want to eat heavy food. coz kalau i dah join diorang, for sure I will order heavy food one, especially if go to Oldtown Kopitiam.. huhuhu.. cannot resists their asam laksa, kaya & butter toast & of course my favorite hazelnut coffee.. then kalau minum coffee, sure tak boleh tidur pulak.. so better tak join diorang kan!! hehehe.. I tipu sunat je.. takpe hehehe..

Now, really looking forward to join more fun classes at gym hehehe.. coz now got more choices mar hikhikhik!! :D

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Wonderful Weekend :)

What a wonderful weekend I had..
The Toyota Classics.. no words can explain how happy I am for joining the event :)
Really fun.. the musics were all good, except that the guess artist from Malaysia.. hmm.. kind of 'mencacatkan' a little bit.. but ok la.. the overall performance was so good!! Excellent!! :D

(With Kak Salimah & Kak Fazah right after the show ends..)

(I gave them a standing ovation... coz they were so good!!)

Sunday.. have to work coz got audit activity going on.. so have to stay at office until afternoon. Then went to Truefitness Pavilion to support my friend, Kim who is going to TT with Barney for bodystep. She did great, in my humble opinion la coz I don't know much about this area. But I think, she did quite well. Her confidence level improved a lot, & I can see that she's doing the track all out.. but can see her so nervous before the class hehehehe...
After that, went to eat sushi & Korean food.. yummieee!! I like.. I eat a lot u know.. so now feel macam guilty pulak coz makan banyak sangat hahahaa..

Tomorrow onwards go to work harder especially at gym.. coz Kak Salimah said, "U look bigger than the last time I saw u.. Why??" HUhuhuh.. I have no answer to her question la.. how how??
Go Go Zarina!! U got to work harder!! Yes, U Can Do It!! ;p