Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sore throat... Flu.. Fever.. & Toyota Classics :-)

Started with a sore throat.. then flu.. ends with a fever. That's what happen today. Not sure why, maybe i ate too much Brazilian nuts, or maybe coz of the weather now.
Reached office at about 9.50am today coz went to clinic first. Then, started to feel headache & realize that I dah demam. But whatever pun, I tak nak mc coz got a lot of work to do.. So keep telling myself to concentrate.. but actually I tak larat.. hehehe.. at 5.00pm I cannot tahan already.. so 5.15pm sharp I go home & terus tidur. Leganya!! Then woke up at 8.10pm.. & realize there's Jeremy's bodyjam class at 9.05pm.. so I packed up my things, changed & straight go to gym. Jeremy did the latest bodyjam 46 release.. I like it, never get bored of it :D during the first blog, I sweat a lot macam mandi pulak.. Really enjoyed the class & screamed a lot hehe.. After the class, I feel better already. But flu is still there.. maybe tomorrow I'll be ok :) Hope so! :)

Can't wait for this Saturday to come, coz....
I'll get the key to my new house & at night I'll go for the Toyota Classics Concert. This is the event that I'm looking forward every year. Usually I'll be the volunteer for this event (committee members), but this time, I wanna enjoy the concert without having to do anything. Just sit there & enjoy the event :)

(The Ticket)

(Vienna Operette Orchestra.. can't wait for their performance)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Not Easy To Be Me...

Today.. suddenly i feel that it's not easy to be me..
It's tough!!
The route that I take in my life now is really different from my friends, which explains why most of them don't understand me :) I'm not blaming them.. coz each human being has the freedom to say what they wanna say right?!

I'm not blaming anyone or anything here.. just would like to write what I feel at this moment. Not sure what exactly that I want. All I know is that, when I have made up my mind on what that I really want, hmmm.. kind of frustrating sometimes. Each day I tried to strengthen the 'fighting spirit' in me again.. but from time to time, macam biskut 'chipsmore', kejap ada kejap takde :) U might say that everybody have their ups & down.. yeah.. that's true.. but mine is different!!

Lately, do a lot of thinking.. hehe.. it's kind of weired when a person who are far from me & not really close to me can make such an offer to me.. this is a 'big fat' offer (bunyi macam BIG PHAT AUSSIE HOUSE pulak kan hehe..)this is not a small offer (for u guys maybe it's small, but for me.. it's really big.. a huge one!! hehe..) terkejut pun ada bila dapat that message. It's like a dream come true!! Really happy after reading it, but at the same time, I'm asking myself, why did a person who see me like maybe every week did not make such an offer to me??.. well maybe for this person, I'm not good, compared to others :) nevermind. It's ok coz different people have different opinion & perception right!! I take it as a challenge to me.. U all know how I like to be challenged hehe.. Thank you '...' for giving me a chance to show what 'me' is all about.. :D MuuaaaAAahHHHh!!! I promise I'll not let you down & will give my 110% energy & commitment in this. Well everybody!! Here I come!! THE BATTLE HAS JUST BEGUN HUAHAHHAHA!!! :p

Sunday, October 26, 2008

To Be Stronger & Slimmer.. Boleh ke??..

This week, spent most of my time (after work) at gym. To accomplish the above mission la.. what else hehe.. Need to built up my stamina yang dah drop giler after raya.. coz when stamina dah drop, tak syiok la bila join class at gym.. coz cannot go crazy sangat huhu.. So now need to join more attack class as advice by Barney, one of my most favorite instructor at Truefitness :) Thank you for the motivation & advice ya!!! Muuaaahhhh!! :D

Tomorrow got to attend one more open house. Decided to go workout first, baru pergi makan hehe.. Then at night, outing with friends who just arrived from Penang. These are friends yang akan join me for the TopGear Treasure Hunt. So nice of them, sanggup datang dari Penang kan :) All my friends memang nice.. that's why I sayanggggg them :) MuUUaaaAAhhHHh!!! :D Thank you God for giving me such lovely friends.

With Hasma (Penang), Dina (Putrajaya), Ummu (Penang) & Rad (Shah Alam)

Now listening to Flo Rida song, title 'In The Ayer'.. syiok la this song. Make u wanna move ur body to the beat... 'Make me throw my hands in the ayer a! ayer.. ayer a! ayer..' U can really lose control & go crazy with this song hehe... :P

Monday, October 20, 2008


Quite some time I didn't update anything here.. got a lot to tell but lazy to write hehe..
This few weeks.. got a lot of open house invitation.. so eat & eat & eat again.. so I'm really in big trouble now, coz I wanna lose weight.. gotta work harder after this.

Now quite busy with work & also searching for a suitable concept for my new house (not la really new, coz I bought it from my uncle, but at least I have my own house that I can decorate & make it as 'Rumahku Syurgaku' or mat salleh said 'My Home My Heaven' chewahh.. gitu..
Keep surfing internet & reading magazine related to home design lately. Spend a lot for magazines.. but I'm satisfied coz I get what I'm searching for. So after this, I'll be busy surveying for furnitures & materials to fit in the interior concept that I choose hehe.. really looking forward for this new experience :)

November will be a fun month for me. Lots of fun activities. Starts with 'Toyota Classics', TopGear Treasure Hunt (KL to Penang) & UMW Club Treasure Hunt (Shah Alam to Bukit Tinggi). Really looking forward for these especially the treasure hunt :D

Eh lupa pulak.. about my raya.. fun fun fun!! So grateful for what I have for this year raya. From all the photos that I've taken, below is my favorite one. Cute kan??!! Bukan baby tu je yang cute tau!! I pun cute!! kan?? kan?? kan?? hehe.. :P

Someone asked me, 'is that your baby?'... wakakakak.. guess what is my answer.. hehe... I said, 'yes, my future baby.. hehehe...' :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Me in Magazine.. ahaks..

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Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at