Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya Raya Raya '09

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends out there. Maaf Zahir & Batin ;D
This year raya is the best raya for me so far. Why?? Hehehe..
Coz I'm blessed with..
* A very loving & supportive family
* Great & supportive friends
* Great & 'happening' people around me
Alhamdulillah. Now I realize that, things happen for a reason. And I'm so glad & thankful to be who I am today. Our journey can be as smooth & easy as we want it to be if we really work & pray for it.. Hehe.. ;)

Just a simple thought that I would like to share with you all..
"Cherish & appreciate each & every moment that we spend with our parents, family, friends & our loved one today, coz we never know what will happen. Do we still have the chance to be with them tomorrow?? Only God knows that!!" ;)

I pray that I will still have a chance to celebrate Ramadhan again next year so that I can have a wonderful & fun raya again with my beloved family & friends. Amin.. ;)

Sayang ayah!!

Love you mama!!


All of us ;)

P/S: 'Honeymoon' is over okeh!! Gotta start the 'hectic & busy' life again. Office & gym!! Here I come!! Hiakkkk!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mini Family Gathering (Buka Puasa) @ Satay Station

Stealing time to blog.. I can't do my work at this particular time as there's a creepy creature playing, jumping & dancing in my head now.. which as a result, my brain can't really think properly hehehe..

Last Saturday had a very nice so called mini family gathering with my 2 younger brothers. Had 'ifthar' with them at Satay Station, Mont Kiara.

My bro from Malacca reach Shah Alam at about 6.30pm.. quite late, so we have to 'berbuka' first with drinks & some kuih. We only go to Satay Station at 10pm.. hmm.. I would say the timing to have satay at that time was perfect as it was a cool & breezy night hehe.. I LIKEE!! ;)

My 2 younger bros. They are my best friends as well!! Muaaahhhh!! :)

Other than satay, we can get this so called 'Mee Rebus' at Satay Station. I would say that this 'mee rebus' is nicely prepared & yummmyyy!! But my mum's 'mee rebus' still the best yoh!! hehehe.. :)

P/S: Now so super duper busy at office (new so called 'mega project', designs, reports, presentation, meeting & meeting again etc.. headache sometimes, but I like it this way hehe.. Can't wait for the end of the year haha.. U know what I mean ekekekek.. :P) & busy for Bodyjam as well!! I LIKEE!! U know what?.. The feeling is so so much different when u do bodyjam with great & passionate people. I really mean it ya!! Really GREAT & PASSIONATE people. Thanks y'all!! I had a great time!! Woohoo!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A quick one... ;-)

Been so busy these few days. No time for blogging hehe..

1. Les Mills Quarterly Workshop. Woohoo!! Bodyjam 50 is awesome yo!! Really like it!! I join the workshop although I'm fasting hehe.. Guess what?! Before that, I join bodyjam class at Menara MBF.. huahuahua.. felt so tired but happy at the same time.. hehehe..
Thanks Linda for the photo *taken from Facebook*

Berbuka with the 'Katakss Puruss Geng' ;)

Went to my aunty's house after that. Saw her kittens.. so cuteeeee!!! ;)

2. Went back to SP. Can't describe how happy I am at that time. 'Berbuka' with family had always been my favorite time. Did some shopping as well for raya preparation hehe.. Had an interesting talking session as well with my mum & dad hehe.. Thanks ayah & mama!! Love both of u!! Muaahhh!! ;D

Celebrate birthday as well.. not my birthday lah.. It's my sis & bro birthday hehe.. Happy moments!! ;)

My mum's cooking!! Ikan patin masak tempoyak, sayur kangkung & sotong, ikan pekasam goreng cili & others hehe.. Yummyyyyy!!!

My dad's new cat.. Funny & cute!! Eeeeiii.. geramnyerrrrr.. ;)

3. Now I'm busy with my work as lots of new projects coming in suddenly. I likee!! Why I like?.. lots of projects means company will make lots of profits.. lots of profits means... LOTS OF BONUS lah!!! hahahahaha!!! ;D

4. Bodyjam 50!! Woohoo!! Busy for tuitions & practicing.. I LIKEE!! But still can't memorize everything yet hehehe.. Take a look at the video below about Bodyjam 50, presented by Mr. G hehhe.. I love u Mr. G!!!!
& I'll do a theme class with Nuril at FF Manulife this coming 17th September. The theme is '70s' hehe.. Can't wait!! ;)

Hmm.. that's about it.. I'll blog again when I have time ok!! ;)