Thursday, August 27, 2009

5th Day of Puasa...

As usual, starts the day with the sahur, subuh prayer & Quran recitation ;)

Cooked this for sahur (my younger bro need to eat rice yerr for sahur.. kesian.. so I cook lah!!)

Went shopping for these during my office lunch hour (eheh.. lunch hour pulaksss hehe..) Wanna bring these back to my hometown :)

I cooked all the meals for 'berbuka' (except the kuih lah, of course!!).. Woohoo!!

The menu.. Kentang masak cili, ayam masak kicap (from sahur), ikan masak sweet sour, sayur kacang boncis & sambal belacan. Yummy!!!

Nuril & Ethan (the Katak Purus gang hehe..) called me & ask me to join them for satay at Satay Station, Mont Kiara. They said they wanna treat me.. so why not!! hehehe.. Satay.. I LIKEEE!! So me joining them at about 10.30pm (after Nuril finish his jam class at Maxis)

Yummyyy!!! I think this satay is better than the Hj Samuri's. Go & try ok!! Thanks Nuril & Ethan!!! Love y'all!! ;D

This 'Garfield' cat so cute yoh!! Entertaining us (in a way la..) during our satay session. Meeooowwwwwww... Issue of the night is Michellin, solid body, fat & great chess!!.. ekekeke.. ;P

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

4th day of Puasa..

As usual, starts the day with sahur, Subuh prayer & Quran recitation. Everything goes well & I didn't feel sleepy at all at office. Woohoo!! ;) Sukerrr!! ;D

Had 'iftar' with office friends at Yusram Thai Restaurant, Seksyen 20, Shah Alam. Go & try this restaurant, coz the food were damn good & delicious. Plus, there's a place for us to pray upstairs. I like it!! ;D Hmmm.. let the photos speak ok!!

Some of the food that we had. Got some more.. hehehe..

Fried 'siakap' with 'kerabu mangga'. Woohoo!!

Dry butter prawn.. My favourite!! ;D

Thai 'tomyam seafood'

Beancurd.. hmm.. ok lah.. ;)

6 of us.. ;)

Then late at night, went to Taipan to a so called mini birthday celebration for 'Sifu Step'. Well, it's not planned.. it's just that yesterday happen to be his birthday, so me & Syah decided to treat him after he finished his class at gym. So we met up at 10.00pm.. bought 'his wanted' cake at Coffeebean (as he can't find what he want at Starbucks huhu.. siann..) & then to Satay Haji Samuri restaurant. & again, let the photos speak hehe..

'Triple decker cheese cake'

He eat a LOT yoh!! Take a look at what he eat below.. huahuahua..

Huahuahua.. I think he eat for 'somebody' else also.. huhuhu.. inside his body.. scary hor.. oooppppssss.. ;P

Wanna know one story. My stomach not quite happy with the fact that I had lots of 'coconut juice' for 'berbuka' yesterday huhuhu.. Siannn kannn.. So, the moral of the story is, don't drink 'coconut juice' during 'berbuka' okeh!! hehehhe..

Other than that, I'm happy with my puasa so far & can't wait for more.. ;D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3rd Day of Puasa..

3rd day of puasa & 1st day of working day during month of Ramadhan. It started well with the sahur. I cooked for sahur yoh!! Hehe.. ;)

After the Subuh prayer, I recite a few pages of the Quran. Feels great after that.. ;) Should do this more often ;)

Work as usual except that I felt so sleepy ler.. huahuahua.. Hope today I'll not feel sleepy anymore hor..

Since I was in the 'cooking mood' yesterday, so I prepare our own meal for 'berbuka puasa' :) Since it's only me & my younger bro at home, so it's not difficult for me hehe.. Cooked 'Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin' using my own recipe ekekekeke.. ;P But it turns out GOOD & DELICIOUS!! Yummy!!!

These are some of the meal that we had yesterday for 'berbuka' ;)

After Maghrib, I don't know why, felt so sleepy (maybe coz I haven't sleep enough the other night hehe..) Decided not to join my younger bro for terawikh. Guess what happen?! Suddenly I found myself sleeping at the sofa & the clock shows it's 2 in the morning. HIAK!!! ;P
But one thing for sure, I'm still in the 'cooking mood' today hehehehe.. But what to cook hor.. ;)

Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd Day of Puasa..

Ikea is the main place for me to do my home stuff shopping for today. Went there with a friend of mine. Had bought some kitchen stuffs & also stuffs to decorate my house. There are also a few things that I like, but didn't buy it coz too expensive hehe.. But I'll buy it next time.. ;)

This green dining set is so nice & elegant yoh! But I don't think it suits my house & guest for the time being.. hehe.. ;)

Bought this non-stick frying pan.. A big one!! hehe.. ;)

I want a dining area like this!!! heeee.. ;D

So nice hor these flowers.. Wanna ask my mum how to decorate my house with those flowers.. yeah!! ;D

After finished shopping, went to the bodyjam class at The Curve (3.50pm session). Need to workout & have fun too although it's Puasa Month :) Felt tired, but I managed to finished the class & I had FUN!!! Yeah!! :D

Stayed in the car while waiting time to 'berbuka puasa'.. My face looks tired hor.. hehehe..

Had lots of sushi for 'berbuka' today heheh.. I LIKEE!! Had it with lovely friends & we had a fun & funny talk too.. hehehe..

Had this for desserts.. hehehe.. ;D

Bought this before heading to the Starbucks as I need a new office shoes.. I mean it ya.. really need a new one.. ;)

Had hot vanilla latte before heading home. What a nice drink to end my 2nd day of Ramadhan.. ;)

Now I really looking forward for tomorrow, which is the 3rd day of Ramadhan. Yeah, Woohoo!! ;D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Day of Puasa..

Got to know from my younger bro. that we have to do 3 things before we starts our fasting (Ramadhan) which is:

1. Seek forgiveness from our parents
2. Seek forgiveness from people around us
3. Unfortunately, my younger bro. forgot what's the no. 3 huhuhu..

So, that's what I did before I starts my Ramadhan. Seek forgiveness from my parents & also people around me. Well, I did what I'm suppose to do already, whether they wanna accept it or not, it will be another story lah... rite?.. hehehe.. ;)

Everytime Ramadhan comes, Pasar Ramadhan will be one of those interesting place to visit, as you can get a lot of food there. All kinds of food from all kinds of places in Malaysia. I LIKEE!! I have guest today for 'berbuka puasa'. There should be 4 of us (me, my friend & my 2 younger brothers), but unfortunately my younger bro which is now studying at Malacca have to cancel the plan to 'berbuka' with us as he has lots of assignments & project to do. So, maybe he will join us some other time.
Let me show you what we had just now hehehe..

Hehe.. that's a LOT yoh!! Luckily, I have my younger bro to finish them all.. HIAK!!

This 'Ayam Panggang' was so delicious!! Yummmyyy!!

This is called 'Putu Bambu'. My all time favorite yoh!! ;D

Yeayyy!! Satay again!! This one was so good & so cheap. Only 50 cents & it's a really big satay.. hehehe.. ;D

'Fried popiah' & 'fried mushroom'.. nice.. nice.. ;)

All these foods were bought from Pasar Ramadhan Stadium Shah Alam. You all should go there one day as you can get any food that you want hehe.. ;)

Then late at night, me & friend went to watch 'UP'.. decided to go for midnight movie. Guess what!! The movie was so good!! Funny, funny & funny!!! Hahahahah!! I like it a lot!! But I still like the 'Ice Age 3' more.. ;D

After that, 'lepakss' at Mc D for snacks & went home.. yeayyy!! ;D

I think now I'm so in the mood of blogging. So you all will see me updating my blog a lot from this time on.. heheheh.. ;D

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ngeeee... Saya sangat sukaa..!

Yeayyy... Finally!!! Yahooo!! Yiippieee!!! :D

Nice hor.. hehehe.. I LIKEEE!!!

This table can fit 6 people yerrr.. I LIKEE!! So next time, I can organize makan-makan lagiiii!! Yeayyy!! :D

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fasting.. Yeayyy!! ;D

Fasting starts tomorrow.. Yippiieee!!!

Can't wait to have 'sahur', breaking fast & also terawikh ;)
Hmmm... now there's a lot of things I wanna do during puasa month. Hmmm.. here we go..
1. Breaking fast with my family (family gathering which will only happen next week huhuhu..) Really looking forward for this.. ;D

2. Do some shopping at Ikea maybe (yeayyy.. I've bought an L-shape sofa & a big dining table.. now have to think how I'm gonna arrange those things in my house.. hehehe.. that is my weakness huahuahua.. fyi, the sofa is red in colour whakakakak!!! I'm sure my dad will like it hehe..)

3. Go for terawikh (sometimes I skip jugak hehe..) But I'll try to go.. ;)

4. Go for workout, of course!! Bodyjam is a MUST!!! Attack & step?? hmm.. gotta think about it first.. will do it if I laratss.. hehe.. I decided not to teach jam class during fasting month, but I'll surely join the class. Just like the previous previous year hehe..

5. Breaking fast with friends!!! Can't wait for this one!! ;D

6. Seek forgiveness from people around me (takut2 kalau I ada buat salah kan... huhu..) & will try my best to forgive & forget (tak baik marah2 nieh kan.. hehe..)

7. Decorate my house heheheeh..

8. Jalan-jalan cari makan at Bazar Ramadhan hehehe.. I Likee!! :D

Hmmm... What else ar?.. I'll continue later lah ok!! hehehe.. ;)

Run To You...

Wish Upon the Star??

Only God knows why I'm crying tonite.. I just miss those times.. Dear God, please give me strength to face this.. I really really need that...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Syiok!! Syiok!!

I've watched 'The Proposal' and 'G. I. Joe' 2 times!! Hehehe.. Worth it yoh!! Both movies are so good, makes me so excited to watch it again & again hehe.. & coz Ryan Reynolds & Channing Tatum are there whakakakak!!! I LikeeEEeee!!! :D
The Proposal.. I like the story line. Nice & funny. Got sad part as well. I really had a BIG laugh during the movie.. Sampai sakit perut yer.. ekekekeke.. & I cried too!! hehehe.. Which part?? heeee.. Secret ler.. ;P But I cried a little bit only ler.. But I didn't cry anymore the 2nd time I watch it hehe.. ;) Character which I like the most in this movie is.. Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds).. I just love the way he is in that movie. Made me wanna go to that place called Sitka, Alaska hahaha!! So nice yoh!! ;)

Woohoo!!! No words can describe how fantastic this movie is. I just like it!! With all the stunts, the technical aspects, the actor & actress.. everything lah!! Made me wanna watch it again & again & again. I'll surely buy the DVD later hehe.. Channing Tatum is so cute hor.. hehehe.. but the character that I like the most is.. Scarlett (Rachel Nichols). A very independent lady who is physically & emosionally strong!! Woohoo!! I LikeEEeee!!! & I like the 'Power Suits' as well!! I wonder what it's gonna be if I teach bodyjam with that 'Power Suits' ekekekekk.. Sure Kebabommmm!!! hahahahah.. ;P

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knock You Down

I like this song!! :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quando Quando Quando

Been approached by my company to perform during our company Annual Dinner (after raya) hehehe.. If everything goes well, I guess this song will be my first choice. But I gotta find someone to duet with me lor heheheh.. Who ar?.. hmmm.. Got 2 names already.. heee.. can't wait!! :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hehehe.. so funny hor..

It's so funny that sometimes, some people just don't wanna let us go. They just can't accept the fact that we don't want them to be part of our lives anymore. & they really trying & trying hard each & everytime to bring us down. Hehehe.. Very funny hor..
But hey!! Words can't bring me down!! To hell what u wanna say about me.
I'm so thankful to be blessed with so many nice, strong & +ve minded people around me who will always be there for me. Always encourage me to stay firm & strong no matter what. & I'm happy to have them in my life. So, a small 'ant' like you won't do me any harm. You see, I'm not like you who have so many free times to 'disturb' other people's life. That's just not me okay!!
May God bless u with what u are doing now, coz He's watching & knows better :)

Till then... daaaa.. ;)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Woohoo!! Gimme Gimme.. Gimme.. Gimme Gimme Moreee..

What a GREAT week for me!! Woohoo!! Did bodyjam class as usual, & did my own workout after that. Joined step class. Had special dinner & movie with frens. House warming at my fren's house. Fantastic!!!

Last Tuesday replace Ken's jam class at The Curve. What a GREAT class there!! AWESOME crowds & I had FUN!! Woohoo!!
After the class I decided to go shopping. Went to Apple distributors at Cineplex & The Curve itself, but the iPod Classic that I want is out of stock at the moment huhuhu.. So guess where I go after that?! Of course la Nike Women.. where else hahahah!! Stayed there until the shop close whakakakak!! I bought Nike Air Max+ 2009 Women's Running Shoe (lime green), caps, tops & wrist band. Woohoo!! That's a LOT yo!! & I LIKEEE!!! :D Let me show u the shoes. Take a look!! Take a look!! Hehe..
Hehe.. Nice hor.. & it suits my workout plan yo! ;D
Woohoooo!! :D

Last nite had a house warming party at my friend's house. Eating time yeayyy!!! I LIKEE!! All masakan kampung okeh! He served rice, pucuk ubo tempoyak, masak lemak nenas & udang, ayam goreng berempah, paceri terung, ikan keli masak cili, roti jala, karipap, bubur durian etc.. Delicious yummmmyyyy!! Heheheeh.. :P
After eating session. Masa makan tak boleh tangkap gambar pasal busy sangat makan heheheh.. :P
I like this one.. So sweet hor.. :)
Cute!! :)